Greatest Kamehameha of all time? DragonBall Super Ep.116 Recap/Review

Good morning DragonBall fans and Kefla stans, we are back with the review of the lastest episode of DragonBall Super


This week’s episode opened up with Goku powering up his Ultra Instinct form. Kefla was excited that he brought the form out. Not one to be outdone, Kefla powered up to her SSJ2 form.

Kefla then taunted Goku, saying that she could probably destroy an entire universe with her power. She then launched a blast that Goku easily avoided. Outraged, she launches a flurry of punches and kicks that Goku dodger with no effort

A frustrated Kefla fired a barrage of Ki blasts at Goku that he still dodged with no effort. Goku then jumped from the cliff and slid down, when Kefla chased Goku kicked her away.

This cause Kefla to taunt how weak Goku’s attacks were. Whis stated that Goku’s attacks were weak because he was thinking about which ones to use instead of letting Instinct Take over.

Jiren woke up (like I predicted) and watched the fight alongside his fellow troopers.

Goku realized that his attacks were indeed weak so he proceeded to attack Kefla with a barrage of them. Moving to fast for the Female fusion to dodge.

In an almost blind rage, Kefla powered up so much that the energy she exerted became something similar to lasers. She then launched a barrage of blasted that Goku dodged.

Whis stated that Goku would lose the battle if he didn’t finish it in his next move. Kefla unleashed an ungodly amount of energy and Goku prepared the Kamehameha wave.

Goku then rushed towards Kefla while dodging her crazy energy flying everywhere. He was grazed by some of it and decided that he had to hurry. He launched forward and Kefla launched her ultimate attack (it really needs a name)

Goku then slid on her ultimate attack with his energy and delivered the coldest Kamehameha is franchise history. The patora broke and Kefla was no more. Kale and Caulifa were eliminated. Goku fell out of his Ultra Instinct form.

The episode ended here.






Like let’s jump straight into it man, Goku vs Kefla has been one of the best fights in the franchise. I know internet casuals hate Kefla but even they have to admit that fight was pretty fucking great

Kefla powering up to LSSJ2 was hella epic. She was loving every minute of this fight and it showed. She got to push to her limit and constantly surpassed it. The amount of she she talked was great.

I also loved how they explained what Ultra Instinct was and why Goku couldn’t just up and beat her. Him worrying about his attacks but not his defense fits him.

That whole scene with Goku dodging all of Kefla’s attacks was epic as hell. Especially when he jumped off the rock and slid down it BACKWARDS.

I think they showcase both fighters extremely well in the conclusion to their epic 4 episode battle.

Kefla losing her shit and destroying everything was amazing to see. The visuals complimented the story so damn well here. She grew frustrated with not being able to touch Goku, her energy showed that. Goku was calm and focused, his energy showed that as well.

We really need to find a name for Kefla’s ultimate attack. It’s such a beautiful move, but ya know what’s better?

Goku Sliding Down that bitch and hitting the greatest Kamehameha wave in history. That shit was so legendary. From the OG sound effects to the triple replay. GOKU WAS IN HIS DUFFY.

other talking points from the episodes were Vegeta vowing to master Ultra Instinct before Goku, I have my own theory on that. Jiren woke up and is on the move.

Frieza is plotting something that we still don’t know. For some reason I think he’s waiting for Goku to eliminate everyone he can’t beat. The humor was in full effect as well with U6 geeking out and basically losing all hope after Kefla’s loss.

I can’t wait until next week as I finally get my Android Tag battle


  • Goku and Kefla destroy the ring by powering up
  • Kefla threatens to destroy the entire arena with a single blast
  • Goku using a move similar to Hit’s 1 Punch kill
  • Kefla losing her shit
  • Whatever the hell this is
  • Goku being the goat that he is


  • Vegeta will learn Ultra Instinct but he will only learn to attack, becoming the opposite of Goku who’s learned to dodge.
  • The Androids will eliminate the rest of Universe 4
  • Android 18 will be eliminated
  • Gohan and 17 will face Toppo and Dyspo

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Saiyans wildin fam: DragonBall Super Ep.115 Recap/Review 

Good morning DragonBall fans and Kefla stans, we are back with the review of the lastest episode of DragonBall Super 


The episode opened with Kefla powering up and overwhelming Super Saiyan God Goku. Goku tried his best to deter the female fusion but to no avail. 

Meanwhile on the stands, Beerus yelled at Champa for using the patora. When Champa asked why Beerus didn’t use it, he stated that he didn’t want to get disqualified. This would bring Zeno to make a game changing announcement; patora and all fusions are now legal 

Elsewhere in the arena, Vegeta and Toppo battled fiercely. Vegeta was distracted by Kefla overpowering Goku and Toppo took advantage. 

Gohan and Piccolo also continued there battle with the U6 Namekians. These two are a dream team man. The U6 Namekians seeming cornerded Piccolo until Gohan destroyed one of there arms and fired a Masenko at the other. 

With the announcement that Potara and fusions were now legal, Universe 2 attempted to take advantage. The other universes declined; Universe 4 saying they had no need for the Potara and Universe 7 not wanting to risk losing 2 fighters at once. 

Kefla charging at Goku prevented the two universe 2 warriors from fusing and destroyed there Potara. 

No.18 was shown to have suffered a leg injury. Universe 3’s Space cop took note of it and seemed concerned. 18 prepared for battle and the Space Cop (cant remember his name) prepared to eliminate her. That is, until No.17 showed up and humbled him. 

Back to Goku vs Kefla (man there were a lot of fights this episode). Goku powered up to Super Saiyan Blue. This excited Kefla who had apparently been waiting for him to use it. 

They went back and forth until Goku used the Kaioken on top of blue. Kefla powered up to her Super Saiyan form (which is beautifully designed) and the two went all out. 

The two continued to battle fiercely. Beerus and who’s noted that Goku was taking a major risk using Kaioken without fully regaining his stamina. 

In a battle that seemed even, Kefla took the advantage when she delivered a devastating kick to Goku. He was knocked out of Blue and seemingly defeated. That was until Kefla announced he would be eliminated. Then Ultra Instinct kicked in 

Whis and Beerus were elated to see that Goku had broken his limit again. Whis was shocked to see it appear so soon while Beerus wanted to see what he could do. Kefla prepared for battle as Goku powered up. 

Episode ended here. 


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the tournament of Power has been nonstop since Goku fought Jiren and I love every bit of it. We have a few things to cover so let’s go small to big this week. 

First off, I love the fact that they are having Vegeta and Toppo fight at the same time as Goku and Kefla, for two reasons. Firstly, it goes well with the idea that the tournament is in its final minutes so everyone is either hiding or fighting. Secondly, it’s hilarious that they had the “second fiddle” argument and now there battle is second to Goku and Kefla. 

Speaking of background battles, the anime has done a great job of showing multiple battles at once. We have Vegeta vs Toppo, Gohan and his father vs U6 Namekians, as well as other U7 warriors being targeted. 

This adds emphasis to the rules of the tournament. With U7 having the most warriors, if the tournament ended now then they would win. So naturally it makes sense that they are once again being targeted. 

It also allows them to showcase other characters in spurts. Whenever we have seen Gohan or Piccolo they’ve been shown doing impressive Combos in there battle. Vegeta and Toppo have been shown to be almost equal. 

Speaking of Vegeta, has anyone noticed that he hasn’t tried hard this entire tournament? Even when he broke out of Toppo’s bear hug, he didn’t have to power up. I fully believe that he is hiding a power up. 

Now let’s talk about what the internet casuals cry about daily, Kefla vs Goku. Once again Super has showcased another great chapter in there battle. 

Super Saiyan Kefla is hella awesome. From her design to her super attacks. Her character is a perfect blend of Kale and Caulifa; having Kale’s limitless power with Caulifa’s love for battle. 

These two full blooded Saiyans have quickly become some of my favorites. The way they got excited after there arms went numb from blocking Goku’s attack, awesome. 

People are still, without logical reason, that Kefla can compete with Goku. Me on the other hand I enjoyed the battle. Especially Kefla taking advantage of learning from Goku. 

What I found interesting is that Kefla used the same manuever that Goku used to knock Goku out of Kaioken Blue. This whole battle was amazing to watch. The animation has been top notch since the one hour special. 

The two going all out and basically breaking the arena down is another great example where we are in the tournament. There are 19 minutes left, why hold back? 

They are fighting for there survival. They are going as hard as they can to win and survive. Also, did you guys notice that Jiren Keeps twitching from Kale and Goku’s battle? 

He feels that energy. He knows that they’re there and that he’ll have to be the one to face them. I think he’s waiting for the right one. 

Finally, let me say that I love that Ultra Instinct has come back. Goku has been slowly charging his batteries, sort of like a car. A car battery after getting a jump, like how Frieza gave Goku some energy, charges itself back up by the car being on. 

I’m interested to see how Kefla, a fusion, deals with Goku while in Ultra Instinct. This whole episode has left me excited for what comes next. 


  • Kefla hits Goku with the big swing
  • Beerus snatches the Potara from supreme Kai 
  • Goku and Kefla destroy the ring in an energy battle 
  • Kefla’s super attacks are awesome 
  • No seriously, AWESOME 
  • Nah bruh. Kefla top 5 
  • Ultra Instinct Goku flex


  • Idk what this attack is but I’m in love 
  • Goku is about to rip into Kefla’s cheeks 
  • Jiren is waking up next episode 
  • Golden Frieza is about to go hunting 

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