DragonBall Super Ep.67 Recap/Review 

Ladies and Gentleman, we have reached the last legs of the Zamasu/Black Saga. Let’s recap this episode. 


The episode started off where we finished last week, Trunks cutting Zamasu in half from the dick up with the spirit sword. 

Zamasu laughed as he disentergrated. This was followed by everyone except for Vegeta running up to Trunks saying “You did it”. 

The celebration was cut short as a rift opened up and started spewing out this red and black mist. The sky turned green and was filled with Zamasu’s face. [remeinded me of the joker]. 

Goku and the gang didn’t stand for this and although they couldn’t use Super Saiyan Blue, they still tried to stop him together. 

[DragonBall Super is very colorful] 

Their attacks were useless and Zamasu was tired of their shit. He shot his lighting of Absolution down on them and killed everyone except the main characters. 

This led to a rather emotional scene where Mai broke down in tears and starred shooting at the sky. Honestly, I feel like had this been animated the way they used to do it, it would have been more impactful. 

Goku dug in his pocket and found the Zeno button. He pressed it and rough him there. After explaining the situation, he asked Zeno to delete Zamasu. Zeno not only did that, he also deleted Trunks universe. 

The gang went back to the present. They were greeted by their families, who’s and Beerus. Goku took the time machine back to the future and grabbed Zeno. 

He then brought him back to the past and took him to Zeno’s palace. This completed Goku’s promise to our Zeno of bringing him a special friend. 

Idk why but I like Zeno’s voice, everyone else’s is annoying to some degree but his is seemingly perfect. 

A bomb was dropped when it was revealed that Zeno’s assistant was in fact Whis’s father, thus making him Vados’s father as well. 

It then switched over to them enjoying dinner. Whis agreed to return Trunks and Mai to a future where they already existed. He also explained, in a confusing way, that Beerus made a time ring. 

The episode wrapped up by focusing on all the major characters from this story. Gowasu still blames himself for Zamasu. 

Goku and Bulma told Trunks how proud they were of him. Goten was sad the Future Trunks was leaving (in pissed they didn’t interact) and Bulma gave him and Mai a shit ton of capsules. 

Vegeta showed up and said goodbye in his own Vegeta way. 

The real tear jerker came when Trunks was about to leave and then Gohan showed up to say goodbye. The very sight of him caused Trunks to cry. 

He failed his mission to protect their future. Gohan told him to take care. 

[Gohan has the ultimate haircut again and he was training. It’s lit]

The episode ended with Trunks going back to the future. 


Its not really too much to say about this episode. It managed to tie up everything and end this arc on an emotional level. 

The Zamasu thing was interesting. It made sense in a way that he was still immortal so he took on a different form, though the whole thing felt too campy for me. 

I didn’t mind Zeno showing up either. As I mentioned before, I love that lil guy. Idk why but I do. He’s so damn innocent and fun. 

The only thing I didn’t like is that Black didn’t go out in style. The guy slaughtered Goku and his family, he should have died a glorious death. I get it though, he fucked up by fusing. 

I also liked Beerus comment at the dinner. I feel like that was a shot at everyone who’ll ask why Goku didn’t just press the button at first. 

Now the big part of the episode for me was the Gohan and Trunks interaction. This was big for me for two reasons. 

One, it shows that Gohan is training again. He showed up with that “I’m here to kill you” bang in his hair. THATS THE GOHAN WE NEED BRO 

Second, it showcased their relationship. No matter what timeline it is, Gohan will always be Trunks’s big brother and mentor. If anyone has seen “The history of Trunks” special then they get the weight of this scene. 

But Trunks lowkey gotta stop comparing that herb in the vest to that Savage with the scar and one arm. They two different men Bruh, Future Gohan is a whole new breed of savage. 


  • Whis and Vados father is revealed. 
  • Gohan comes to see Trunks 
  • Zeno the Gawd gets a new buddy 


  • The wish for next week will be Oan related. 
  • Prepare for a few filler episodes. I’ve read the synopsis, they both sound interesting. 
  • The next arc looks to kick off on Dec.18th, somebody had put an bounty on Goku’s head 

Welp that’s it. Next weeks episode is the final episode in this saga. The previews showed them searching for DragonBalls so we’ll see Shenron. It also looked like Goten and Trunks were arguing with Beerus so hopefully something happens

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