DragonBall Super Ep.66 Recap/Review 

ITS LIT🔥🔥🔥 like really lit. Let’s get straight into this recap of episode 66 ladies and Gentleman. 


The episode opens up with Goku and Zamasu locked in a beam struggle. Goku is using his Super Kamehameha to try to push back Zamasu’s blast [forgot the name]

Eventually Goku’s Kamehameha pushed through. What’s interesting is that Zamasu’s body began to break down into this purple sludge. 

Zamasu himself was taken back by his appearance and Goku took this chance to attack. He rushed him and got some good blows in. However, Zamasu caught him by the leg and did that weird grip thing. 

Goku then hit the kaioken on top of ssjBlue [i will never get tired of seeing Kaioken] and kicked Zamasu in the face. His foot work was great lol. The animation has gotten so beautiful. 

After Zamasu fell, Goku followed suit. The kai’s rushed to grab him, Vegeta, and Trunks. 

The Kai’s explained that Zamasu body was breaking down because he was immortal but Black wasn’t. Therefore he wasn’t completely immortal [CALLED IT!] and could be defeated. 

Zamasu reveled in his new form and called upon that purple lightening to charge him up. A pretty cool scene honestly. 

Goku saw this and realized what had to be done, MOTHER FUCKIN FUSION! Vegeta, predictably, was against the idea. Though this time it wasn’t about pride but more embarrassing. 

Trunks was shocked at the thought [its weird when you realize it’s so much he missed out on] of a fusion between the two. Vegeta eventually agreed and prepared to fuse.

[it was revealed that the Potara earrings will only last an hour when used by non-gods.] 

With that being said, they clipped the earrings on and out boy Vegito was back in action. God it’s great to see him, I feel like a huge kid. 

Vegito appeared and in the complete opposite of his fight with Buu, he immediately transformed.  

The same attack that nearly killed Goku and Vegeta was fired by Zamasu. Vegito held it back with his fingers and barely broke a sweat deflecting it.  

This animation is so great man. Anyway Zamasu went into this whole speech about imitating gods. Vegito came for hands not words so he popped him in the middle of talking. 

The two then fought through the city. Great animation man, seriously Toei stepped their shit up after the revival of F arc and haven’t looked back. 

The two had a test of strength, which Vegito Seemingly lost. Though it turned out that it was just a fake out. Just as Zamasu prepared to use his blade on him, Vegito used his own. 

[I couldn’t have been the only one disappointed that he didn’t call Zamasu an appetizer]

Vegito stated that as long as Black’s mortal body was part of Zamasu then he would be immortal, pointing out his deformity. Zamasu said that he accepted the body to absorb the sins of mortals. He even started crying, which Vegito made fun of, why are all fusions so cocky lol. 

Zamasu powered up into this bulky version of himself, almost like Super Vegeta. Vegito didn’t sweat it and started boxing the fuck out of him. 

They switched over to Trunks. Bulma had the genius idea of bringing the time machine back out after she fixed it…back into the line of danger…smh. Trunks got his broken sword and with the power of his friends, formed a energy blade. 

Over in the fusion battle Vegito did the Final Kamehameha wave on Zamasu after teasing him for being slow.  

That shit was beautiful. Zamasu wasn’t dead yet and Vegito used instant transmission to get over him to deliver the final blow. Unfortunately the fusion wore off and our boys got worked.

Before Zamasu could kill them Trunks jumped into The battle. In a very cool scene, they had a sword fight. The animation was great. 

Trunks and Zamasu went back and forth for a while until Zamasu had trunks pinned down. It was here that everyone gave their energy to Trunks and he received his own Spirit Bomb. 

Trunks took the energy and made it into this glorious sword and cut Zamasu in half from the dick up. 

The episode ended there in a glorious way. 


Bruhhhhhhhh this episode was so great. We got Vegito, who was talking shit as always. He was a welcomed sight too as fusion is something that we haven’t seen much in DragonBall. Well, at least not from Goku and Vegeta. 

And I know people will bitch about the time limit on Vegito now but to me, it makes more sense. Supreme Kai didn’t know that much as he’s technically young as hell and that’s why he didn’t know that. 

I will admit though, I was let down that he didn’t call Zamasu an appetizer. Seemed like a missed opportunity to show that Vegeta was the dominant personality in Vegito. 

Still though Vegito shined here. The battle was amazing, visually pleasing as well. I just wish they would have made the Final Kamehameha more…epic. It looked epic, didn’t feel epic. 

Also, HOW BOUT THAT BOY TRUNKS. When all else was lost, he finally stepped up in a big way. Now I know some people will complain that the sword thing doesn’t make sense, to that I say to shit ya goofy ass up. There is no real defined way the spirit Bomb [thats what it was Btw] has to look. 

Trunks put the energy into the sword and went to fucking work Bruh. Like he beat Zamasu, he beat him. I’m glad that he was the one who beat him too because it was his future. 

My only complaints this week are with Bulma and the Humans. At what point is it a good idea to bring the time machine back around the person who’s blown it up 2x already? 

Honestly they’ve been annoying this whole arc to me. They cause more problems when they are around and their voices are annoying. 

Great episode. Beautifully animated. Damn near perfect honestly. 


  • Trunks using the spirit energy as a sword to beat Zamasu 
  • Vegito getting a time limit. 


  • The next episode officially ends the arc. 
  • Zeno will promote Trunks to a Kai or they’ll start the time patrollers 
  • The tournament will kick off in episode 70 

Future Trunks remains a legend. No debate. He was 100x better in this arc than the Android/Cell saga 
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Also, I have Xenoverse 2. I’ll post a review soon. 

Black is also a legend. No debate. See ya! 


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