Top 5 things I want to see in Young Justice Season 3 

5. Teen Titans return 

As many know, the roster for Young Justice is a mesh of the one from the comics and the “Teen Titans”. Currently we have 2/5 members of the Titans on the team as of the season 2 finale, why can’t we get the rest? 

Starfire is almost a sure thing as the second season finale gave us a teaser that would take us into space. Actually, I’m surprised she hasn’t shown up already as half of the second season was in space. The same could be said for Raven in season 1 though. Dealing with the witch boy should have led them to Trigon or Raven but I digress, it was awesome still. 

Cyborg is a tricky one as his Voice Actor currently does Aqualad. This wouldn’t be an issue but he also just debuted on “The Walking Dead” as King Ezekiel. Let’s hope we can at least get one “BOOYAAA” for the culture. 

4. SuperBoy Clone aka Match

Match is almost the same as SuperBoy, both are clones of the man in blue himself. The key difference is that Superboy is half Kryptonian where as MATCH is full blooded. The result is the pure copy is superman, minus the common sense. 

Match is basically Young Justice’s version of Bizzarro. He thinks he’s Superboy…er Superman. Him and SuperBoy had quite the battle, that he won. The last we saw of Match in the show Luthor was wheeling him away in his pod. 

If you kept up with the comics, you would have seen him again. This time he was more disfigured though. There is a story here, one that I want to see. HE’S REAL TO ME DAMMIT. 

3. Red Hood 

“Just don’t die okay”  – Nightwing to Robin

Quick backstory, Red Hood is Jason Todd. Todd was the Robin after Dick Greyson. Todd was murdered by the Joker and eventually returned as a villain once he found out he had been replaced. 

Now in the Young Justice universe we have Jason Todd. We have his replacement in Tim Drake as the current Robin. We know that he died, we don’t know how though. 

All of the elements are there. All we need now is for common sense to fall upon the good people at WB to let them see this is what we want. Could you imagine Jason taking on nightwing?? ✨✨✨✨✨ GLORIOUS 

2. Static Shock 


I am HYPED to see what Greg Weisman and his team do with Static this season. He was one of the more prominently featured characters when he was in the episodes but he never got to really shine. 

I want season 3 to change that. I want them to not only show what it’s like being a young black teenager in America but to show what it’s like when you add super powers in the mix. 

Static is one of the main reasons I was so pressed for a 3rd season. I’m interested in what they will make his storyline. I want him to be one of the main plot points of the show. 

And if someone could get Romeo to do a mini theme song for him then I would be grateful. 


We watched him help start this team. 

We watched him fall in love with Artemis 

We watched him mentor Bart and then give his life for the world. 

You heartless sons of bitches will bring him back. You will give us closure. 

[spoiler: he’s probably in the speed force] 

Well I hope you guys are Whelmed 😂. So what do you think? Do you want to see this too? What do you want to see? 

Sound off in the comments or mention me on twitter @OMG_ItsKhairy 

Until next Tim always remember, CRASH THE MODE ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 


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