All Hail Prince Vegeta: Vegeta’s greatest moments 

Vegeta is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most popular anime characters in history. While Goku may be the main character of DragonBall, Vegeta has had his fair share of memorable moments. 

So enough talking, here are my 5 favorite Vegeta moments. @cjstr013 and @BossMayne_Dee would be proud of their boy. 

5. Running Black Goku’s Fade 

We all saw it. We all know what happened. All of us either felt the sting or erupted with laughter when Black Goku called Vegeta a fucking appetizer. 

That moment is not why we are here though. You see in order to be a great warrior you have to experience defeat in or see to become a better fighter. That, that is why we are here. 

Vegeta learned from facing Black and went back and tried again. He was beaten again except this time he faired just a little bit better. However, it’s the third time that he pulled up that is my personal favorite. 

Vegeta arrived to the future with Goku and stated that he wanted Black one on one. What happened next was pure glory. Vegeta beat the dog shit out of black for the remainder of the episode, all while delivering an amazing speech about Saiyan pride. Respect the prince 

4. Breaking the Majin seal

Majin Vegeta is legendary. A true fan favorite form of Vegeta, partly because it made him evil again but mostly due to the way he got it. 

Vegeta tricked Babidi into possessing him in order to tap into his evil nature once more. You see, Vegeta felt as though he had become soft since living on earth. Loving Bulma, raising Trunks, and even looking at Goku as a friend all made him feel weak. So he let babidi amplify the hate in his heart. 

What happened next was Vegeta got the Majin Seal. The seal allowed Babidi to control the host. That was until he ran into big bad Prince Vegeta. 

Vegeta broke Babidi’s mind control and kept the fucking seal to amplify his power. To be clear on why this was so epic, the demon King couldn’t even break the fucking seal. 

3. Father-Son Galick Gun 

DragonBall Super episode 65 will go down as one of the best in the franchise for many reasons. The main one being that we got to witness the first ever father son Galick Gun 

This moment, for me, marks the culmination of Vegeta’s character becoming completely selfless. This has been an underlying subplot since Super started.  When Beerus came to earth he sacrificed his pride and embarrassed himself to keep him calm. When that failed he fought him and lost. 

It wasn’t until Beerus struck Bulma did Vegeta get the strength to take him on. When Frieza came back, he was fighting to protect his family. In this arc he’s fighting to help his son. 

Vegeta has started fighting for other instead of himself. 

The other reason I love this moment so much is because it’s the complete opposite to when Vegeta was introduced. 

Vegeta is now using the Galick Gun to save earth instead of trying to destroy it. 

2. Vegeta’s Sacrafice 


Some people feel this is probably the greatest moment for Vegeta, for me it’s close. I can see why they would debate this though, this entire sequence was just amazing. 

Vegeta had left the fight against Goku, after knocking out the GOAT. Now the thing is that he knocked Goku because he felt it was his time to save the planet. Maybe he wanted to clean his mess up?

When he got there, Trunks and Goten tried to help him. He tricked Trunks into hugging him and knocked him out. Then he knocked Goten out. Why? To save them from danger in case he failed [He Did]. That whole scene was so damn emotional. 

Vegeta then sacrificed his life to try and kill Majin Buu. The Saiyan prince pulled a completely selfless act and it was amazing. 

1. Namek Saga 

Now I know this is cheating a bit but come on, Vegeta on Namek is classic. It was the culmination of not only his story but it added another layer to Goku’s battle with Frieza. It was this arc that made me become a fan. 

First off, Vegeta was basically a slave. Him, Raditz, and Nappa worked for Frieza and were treated like dirt. They were constantly called derogatory terms like “monkey” and “chimps”. 

You have to understand that to get why Vegeta on Namek was classic. The first move he made, he killed Cui. One of Frieza’s soldiers that gave him the most shit. He then worked his way up tha ladder. 

Dodoria, the pink blob that ambushed Bardock and his crew was next. He was usually right beside Frieza, constantly talking bad about the Saiyans in Vegeta’s face. Got him outta there. 

Vegeta went up against Zarbon, Frieza’s right hand man, after that. Initially he lost their battle after Zarbon transformed but he got right back up and faded him. 

The Ginyu Force showed up next. Vegeta made an alliance with Gohan and Krillin in order to beat them. He killed Guldo with ease. They too gave him shit for being a Saiyan. 

Recoome stepped up next and even though Vegeta gave a hell of a fight, he lost that one. You see this showed me that Vegeta understood the DragonBalls were his last chance at killing Frieza. 

He didn’t have time to think of a plan. The entire saga he was thinking on his feet. Making move by move trying to get to his mission. 

Vegeta ended up killing every member of the Ginyu force except Ginyu himself (he would later kill him in super). Now sit back and think. 

Vegeta had killed every member of Frieza’s elite squad. Those same men that  had helped kill Saiyans and treated him like dirt. This was pure retribution. 

What sealed the deal for me was his final moments. He could have easily abandoned the crew but he stood against Frieza. He wanted retribution. Frieza killed his people and his father. Vegeta knew this, this is what drive Vegeta to do all he did. He played his position until he saw the chance to kill him. 

Respect the prince of Saiyans. 
What do you guys think? What are your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments or mention me on twitter @OMG_itsKhairy 


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