DragonBall Super Ep.65 Recap/Review 

Fuck the introductions. Let’s get right to this recap of this epic ass episode. 


The episode starts off exactly where the pr opus one ended, Black and Zamasu had just fused. Goku and Vegeta stood in preparation for the fade as Zamasu gloated about his fusion. 

[Zamasu is simply called merged Zamasu because “Black” is still Zamasu. The name “Black” was created by future Bulma]

Goku and Vegeta prepared for an assault as they ordered Trunks to get Bulma out of there. Zamasu attacked before they could escape but Goku and Vegeta stopped the blast. 

Zamasu grew frustrated with this and dropped a new attack. Basically he shot all these spears around Goku and Vegeta then they blew up. It’s similar to Picollo’s light grenade attack, but cooler.

Underground, Yajirobi helped evacuated the refugee’s and the militia. Those two kids were there and they all was apes as the tunnels began to collapse. When they reached the exit though, one survivor was killed by light. 

They then tricked Yajirobi into going out to see if it was safe and it was. Funny part was they all volunteered until he did then backed out. 

One of the soldiers had a mental breakdown and began saying what we all thought, them fighting is pointless. Bullets and rockets were useless, they are in the way. 

Back on the battlefield, Goku and Vegeta got back on their feet. Gowasu revealed that when Black and Zamasu merged, they gained Black’s strength and Zamasu’s immortality. 

[so I guess I was wrong. I predicted that they wouldn’t be immortal] 

Gowasu also revealed that their power was limitless. Goku and Vegeta didn’t care and basically told Zamasu “we still gonna fuck you up”. 

Zamasu responded with another new attack that had a lit name, Lightning of Absolution. He made this big purple Raven out of energy and shot Vegeta and Goku out of the sky. 

With Goku and Vegeta down, Zamasu began to fire those lightning blasts around the planet. There were some cool cameos from Android 8 from DragonBall and Kame House. 

[The History of Future Trunks film had previously revealed that oolong, Turtle, Puar, and Roshi were still very much alive. They just lived on a sub underwater. Top 5 DBZ films] 

There was a brief scene with Trunks leaving Mai and Bulma to return to the battle. He vowed to kill Zamasu. On the way back he saved the two kid again, telling them to head to the capsule shelter. 

Goku and Vegeta got back up and charged at Zamasu with full power. They ran straight into the purple bird thing and made it implode. 

With the absolution bird gone, they tried to fight Zamasu. He easily fended off their attacks and dropped them again. 

Trunks showed up and saw them on the ground. He wasted no time in powering up to Super Saiyan Savage and taking on Zamasu. 

Trunks pulled out his sword and they had a crazy ass hand to hand. I legit thought he killed Trunks when he blew him away with that blast. 

Then came one of the most legendary moments in the series. Zamasu fired ANOTHER new attack and called it “Holy Wrath”. How did Trunks respond? He fired a massive Galick Gun after all the people he cared about flashed on the screen. 

A valiant effort but Zamasu easily was about to win the beam struggle. Until the Vegeta showed up to produce one of the greatest moments in DragonBall franchise history. 

Vegeta stood right beside Trunks and told Zamasu not to doubt their power. He told his son to unleash everything he had and they did a father son Galick Gun. 

The screed switched between Vegeta and Trunks faces and it was just beautiful. I had happy tears in my eyes. It was almost identical to Gohan and Goku firing the father son Kamehameha against cell. 

They won the beam struggle but Zamasu was still alive. Zamasu instantly fired of lightning of abosolution to kill Trunks but Vegeta ran and jumped in the way. 

Goku then launched his own Super Kamehameha against Zamasu, who fired ANOTHER Holy Wrath blast. Goku began pushing it back and the episode ended there. Right fucking there. 


Dragon Ball Super just gave us a top 10 episode, a top 5 moment, and the only beam struggle that could rival Gohan/Cell. 

Honestly this episode was perfect. They kept the humor to legitimately one moment and that moment was legit funny. The urgency was all here. 

I don’t know if anyone else caught it but the beam struggle with Trunks/Vegeta vs Zamasu was a great mirror to the one with Goku vs Vegeta. Except now Galick Gun was being used to save the earth  instead of destroy it. 

Zamasu had some very cool attacks, very unique too. His fusion is epic as hell. He’s a fucking god. Now some people will complain that Goku was winning the beam struggle on his own but they shouldn’t. Trunks was losing until Vegeta showed up, meaning Goku and Vegeta both could have won it solo. 

Vegeta sacrificing himself for Trunks was so fucking dope. Their father son blast was as well. Anyone who says Vegeta hasn’t gotten his shine is a dickhead. This shit brough happy tears to my eyes. 

The cameos by android 8 and Kame house were amazing. They show you that Trunks world is still very much like our own, just without his family and friends. 

And if you’ve never seen “The History of Trunks” then you have to. It’s legit top 3 DBZ movies of all time. It honestly made me cry as a kid. 

Great episode. Fucking perfect. 


  • Zamasu debuts 3 new attacks as a fusion 
  • Zamasu beats the shit out of Goku and Vegeta 
  • Android 8 with the cameo. Turtle too
  • Trunks fighting Zamasu with his sword 
  • Trunks charging the Galick Gun as his family and friends flash on the screen 
  • Vegeta and Trunks Father&Son Galick Gun (happy tears) 
  • Goku shooting the super Kamehameha 


  • I honestly had tears in my eyes. I feel like a kid again this shit is amazing. That’s fucking Vegito bro. 
  • So I was right about everything except him not being immortal. 
  • The mutation will be Black dies inside of Zamasu or something. 
  • I’m just so happy man. Fuck that I just want to enjoy this. 

Did yal see the Final Kamehameha?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Final thoughts:

  • This arc is amazing. Akira Toriyama is the GOAT. 
  • They announced the English Dub earlier this week, so yeah this is amazing. 
  • The universal Tournament is rumoured to start right after this arc without filler. 

See yal next week man. Stay blessed and all praise due to Akira Toriyama aka the Anime GOAT 


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