DragonBall Ep.64 Recap/Review 

Okay I’m late I know, my bad. I went to the ROH TV tapings last night. Amazing show, some really cool stuff. Anyway let’s get to it. 


The episode kicked off the same way it ended last week, Vegeta still handing out L’s. 

Black was still trying to comprehend why Vegeta was so much stronger. While doing this Vegeta took off on him again. Black couldn’t keep up with him. Then he had the nerve to call that man and appetizer again, BIG MISTAKE. 

Vegeta took that and ran with hit. He fucked Black up with the swiftness. Black couldn’t land a single blow. 

Honestly Vegeta fans had to have been staring at the television just like this the past two weeks. 

Vegeta WHOOPED Black’s ass all the way into a building. Props to Toei because the animation for these fights have been amazing. 

Black, like Zamasu, seemed to be enjoying the pain. He took a moment to chastise Vegeta for his comments in the previous episode about Black not being a real Saiyan. 

His speech was interrupted by a huge Ki blast from Vegeta. I love how nononsense Vegeta has been for this battle. He’s been on Black ass since the fight started. 
Black rose from the rubble with the Belief that Vegeta strength came from his anger. Black then summed up that he too could channel his anger into power. Being as though Black is a God, he believed that he would be the strongest due to his hatred of the mortals. 

He then took his energy blade and stabbed himself in his hand, then pulled out a fucking Cyth. He attacked Vegeta, who dodged it, and the cyth ripped open a portal of some kind. 

Black didn’t even know what the portal was. He stated that his powers were beyond his understanding due to his new strength. 

While Black and Vegeta squared off, Zamasu reveled in the fact that they had grown stronger. Goku stole the fuck out of him, straight Jaw Jacked his ass. 

The two teams then squared up and went at it. 

Again this battle animation is great. 

On the…funnier side of things. Trunks finished putting the jar back together. Mai went out to check on the battle and saw that Zamasu was headed straight for them. 

Bulma resolved that she would distract Xamasu while Mai and Trunks used the evil containment wave. He would have to learn it quickly. 

Back at the battle, Black had our boys surrounded with multiple clones of himself. It was similar to how Metal Cooler did except whenever they attacks dthe clones, the portal would make more. 

With them distracted, Zamasu headed towards the makeshift Capsule Corp. 

Trunks tried many poses to perform the move. It looked just like the Ginyu Force posed lmao. 

After watching Trunks, the Super Saiyan Savage embarrass himself, Bulma then showed them a video on her phone. The video was Piccolo doing the move. Should have been an iPhone 

Bulma then left and went to flirt with Zamasu. Zamasu’s face is how I felt about all of that honestly. 

Trunks came out to see Zamasu holding Bulma. He though he killed her and powered up to SSJ Savage. 

He then hit the Mafubu technique. Comepletelu surprising a cocky Zamasu. 

Unfortunately, Goku left the seal I. The present with Roshi. Zamasu escaped but was visibly shaken from the ordeal. Black shot over too him and was followed by Goku and Vegeta. 

After a warning about the move, Black and Zamasu agreed that the games were over. They then fused  issuing the Patora earrings. I flipped out lol. 

The episode ended there, as I predicted it would. 


This was a great episode. Honestly, the action was superb. 

Vegeta beat the dog shit out of Black. He didn’t even get hit. Lmao 

The only negatives I could say was the comedy. I don’t want to see that when we are in a heated final battle. I get that Toriyama love the gags but man it takes away from the suspense. 

Big plus with the battle animation. Toei has been amazing with this. 


  • Vegeta putting in work on Black. 
  • Black stabbing His hand and pulling out a Scyth. 
  • Black opening a portal with the Scyth. 
  • Goku and Vegeta getting their ass WHOOPED by the clones. 
  • Trunks using the Mafubu 
  • Zamasu and Black fusing. Thus giving us super Saiyan white?


  • Vegito at the end of episode 66. I’m calling it lol. 
  • Zamasu will no longer be immortal now that he’s fused. 

This weeks episode was great. The comedy takes a way some but it’s still great. Fusion is a favorite for DragonBall although it’s only been done twice by Goku and Vegeta. So Vegito is welcome. 

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