The Walking Dead S7/E1 Recap/Review 



That weird guy at the comic book store that doesn’t work there but is always there 


Let’s get straight to the recap of the first episode of the Seventh season. 


The episode starts off where we left off seven months ago, seven very long fucking months. 

Negan is taunting Rick and the crew (let’s  say family. I prefer family) over him killing one of them. Rick takes this chance to let Negan know that he will kill him. 

[the last time Rick told someone he was gonna kill somebody, he chopped up the Terminus guy with the hatchet] 

Negan takes this sign of disobedience as a chance to show everyone exactly who their fucking with. He snatches up rick and throws him the RV. They have an exchange over Ricks Hatchet and then Negan Drives off. 

Two very important things happen during this ride. The first is that Rick recalls the events that we didn’t get to see. We are then treated to what the producers dicked us out of seven months ago, though I see why they did it honestly. 

The flashback shows Negan picking his victim. He chose Abraham, I say that because he cheated when he was selecting and ended up on him. I think it was because Abe was the only one that didn’t show fear. 

He beat Abe’s head in ala Glenn from the comics. Abe told him to “suck my nuts” as he was beat to death. 

Darryl rushed Negan after he grew tired of him taunting rosita with the bat. After deciding to torture Darryl, Negan swung his bat at Glenn. Thus, giving him the death from the comics we all thought was coming. 

The second thing was that Negan broke Rick. He verbally abused him while trying to explain that he was in charge now. 

He took Rick’s hatchet and claimed it. [CLAIMED😂] he then tossed the hatchet outside and told Rick to fetch it. Rick hesitated and then complied. Fighting off walkers and flashing back to the deaths. 

In the end he fetched the hatchet and kneeled to Negan. Negan drove back and tossed Rick out. Making him kneel in front of his family. 

Negan wasn’t satisfied, so he instructed Rick to chop off Carl’s left arm. If he didn’t then he would kill the rest of his family. 

Rick broke down in tears, to the point that it was snot coming out of his nose. Carl told him to do it right before Negan told him it was okay. He broke Rick in front of his family. 

Negan left, saying he would be back in a week. The final moments were the family grieving over Glenn and Abraham. It was really emotional. Maggie wanted blood but everyone else were just terrified. 

The episode ended with Rick driving the family home, looking broken. 


If anyone would had told me that the producers were right to end the episode on a cliff hanger 7 months ago, I would have debated them till I was blue in the face. However, I will fully admit that o was wrong. 

In an interview months ago, they said that they ended it there because that’s the moment he no longer has control. I see exactly what they mean. 

From the beginning of this episode until the end, Rick is broken apart and not in control of anything he does. 

Negan basically castrates him, stripping him of his manhood and his pride. It was actually hard to watch him being broken down like that. 

Negan…Negan is perfect. Jeffery Dean Morgan completely embodies the character from the comics. He’s a patronizing, arrogant, god complex having asshole. 

His subtle attempt at humor and nonchalant attitude the entire episode just makes him so easy to hate. I fully believe he will go down in history as the greatest TV villain. 

Overall, this was an amazing episode. The deaths were gruesome and perfect.Negan was perfect. Everything was perfect, it was hard to watch. Not because it was bad, but because the characters we love were brought to their knees. Physically and emotionally. 


  • Negan kills Abraham 
  • Abraham tells Negan to suck his nuts while being beaten to death. 
  • Darryl punches Negan 
  • Negan turns and Kills Glenn out of nowhere. 
  • Rick jumps and hangs on a hanging dead walker. 
  • Negan makes Rick break down in tears. 
  • Maggie declares war 
  • The whole family cries and mourns Glenn and Abraham. 

Final thoughts:

Amazing Fucking Episode. Simple as that. 

I held it together until this fixing scene right here.  Dammit man 😭😭😭😭


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