DragonBall Super Ep.63 Recap/Review 

Ladies and Gentleman what a glorious Sunday it is. Let’s get straight into the recap of episode.63 

Aight so the episode starts off with the gang prepping to get ready to go back to the future. Bulma is getting the last few drops of fuel, praying that Trunks is alive. 

At Kame house, Goku is getting a send off from Roshi. He tells him to show them how the Turtle Gang rocks when he goes to the future. The highlight though, was Vegeta blowing up the Hyperbolic time chamber with his power and taking off to meet up with them 

This should have let us know that Vegeta wasn’t taking any losses but I digress. 

Meanwhile in the future, Trunks was recovering from his battle with Black and Zamasu. He was dreaming that Mai kissed him a Senzu, though it turned out to be Yajirobi. 

After confirming that he didn’t kiss Trunks, Yajirobi told him that Mai had left to take on Black. Her reasoning being that Trunks got hurt from protecting her. 

Mai is shown in the woods with two soldiers. She has a bullet that Bulma made that could hurt Super warriors like Black. 

While this is happening Black and Zamasu are having causal conversation on the deck of that SWANKY ass cabin. Again, he had to have paid a grip for that if it isn’t a timeshare 😂. 

Mai takes the shot then realizes she fucked up. They try to get out of there immediately 

Black and Zamasu bang back until Trunks shows up. Trunks figures that if he can get Zamasu out of the way then he could kill Black then stall Zamasu, good plan.

In a cool moment, he powered up to Super Saiyan Savage (that’s the official name, don’t debate me) and fully harnessed the power. 

He then blasted Zamasu, who weirdly enjoyed the shit, and took on Black. They had a cool exchange of blows with Trunks coming out on top 

And then came the fucking payback. This man Trunks hit a Galicia Gun so fucking mean that it’s not even Vegeta move anymore, that’s his move. The shit was too cold. 

Fast forward to Trunks fighting Zamasu. They go back and forth with Trunks coming to the conclusion that he’s gonna steal all of his pops moves. With that being said Trunks tried to self destruct and obliterate Zamasu. Black wasn’t wit the shits tho and calmed him right down. 

At that moment Goku and Vegeta show up and it’s on SIGHT!  

Black and Zamasu pull up and blow up the time machine before they say ANYTHING! They started talking big shit to each other. 

Funny thing though, at one point Zamasu started monologuing. Vegeta and Goku ignored him because they were arguing about the urn. Goku even said “how did you think I had it? Where does it look like I can put it” 😂😂. Then Black told Zamasu they weren’t listening and Zamasu said it’s okay cause he’s a god. Black said “oh how godly of you” 😭

Vegeta summed up that they would just throw hands instead and Goku agreed. Right before they did Gowasu and Shin (our supreme Kai) showed up. He tried to convince Black and Zamasu to stop their tirade. It failed. 

[interesting note: it’s revealed that Whis is an Angel. Angels stop functioning when their god dies and remain dormant until the next one shows up. There is no Whis in Trunks timeline]

There was a pretty cool exchange between Goku and Vegeta. Basically some feel good brotherly rivalry type stuff. After that it was no words. All fists. 

Vegeta and Black squared up while Goku WHOOPED Zamasu so it was a fair fight. You really have to watch it to appreciate it man. Goku and Vegeta fighting side by fucking side is amazing. 

Then there was the epic final minutes where Vegeta redeemed himself. 

Bruh Vegeta was zero tolorance this episode. He beat the dog shit out of Black. Then he closed out the episode declaring that it was his because he was the prince of all Saiyans. 

End Episode. 


This episode Defintly made up for the lackluster shit last week. From Trunks continuing to show why he’s top 5 of all time to Vegeta redeeming himself, this episode was simply amazing. 

The humor was well done too. Yajirobi and Trunks exchange was childish but funny, the same for the argument between Goku and Vegeta. The part where they ignored Zamasu only for Black to praise him for being so godly was hilarious. 

My only grip for this week was the fact that Bulma just popped out a fucking workshop in the middle of a battlefield. That and they put Future Trunks on superglue duty. It sort of takes away from the urgency. 


  • Vegeta blows up the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with his power alone. 
  • Trunks uses the Galick Gun.  LOOK AT ME👀 DATS HIS MOVE NOW!
  • Zamasu and Black’s cabin gets destroyed 😔 that shit was nice. 
  • Trunks tries to use Self Destruct
  • Goku and Vegeta talk BIG shit to Black and Zamasu. 
  • Vegeta beats the dog shit out of Black while giving an epic speech 


Welp I was right about Black + Zamasu fusing. I originally called for an evil Vegitio but switched it up a while back. However I do have a few prediction. 

  • Mafabu will not work. 
  • Goku and Vegeta will fuse using supreme Kai patora earrings. 
  • Gowasu will die. 
  • They will kill fused Zamasu because it’s no longer an immortal body. 

That’s all for this weeks episode guys. Check out my article over at @SpeedOnTheBeat about why fans should watch super. 

Follow me on twitter @OMG_ItsKhairy 

REST IN PEACE to this gorgeous ass cabin. I seriously hope Zamasu had insurance. 


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