DragonBall Super Ep.62 Recap/Review 

Ladies and Gentleman we are back with Episode 62 of DragonBall Super. Let’s get right to it. 

The episode starts off where we left off, Trunks powering up to his new Super Saiyan form. 

He declared that he would take down Black. Black, of course, laughed at his notion and welcomed his challenge. Trunks charged full force. 

Black calmed his young ass down, or so he thought. Trunks ate a knee to the Gut and proceeded to lay hands on Black. He treated him how Black has been treating them this whole arc 

Vegeta was eyeing Zamasu, making sure he gave Trunks a fair 1v1. However, Vegeta took his eyes off Zamasu for a milisecond and he was on Trunks ass. 

They Both kicked Trunks in his stomach and used that time to launch their combined attack. {we should really find a name for it, maybe Zero Human Bomb?} 

Trunks was tired of their shit though. They called him a sinner while deploying the zero Human Bomb and Trunks snapped again. He appeared to harness his new found power as his pupils returned and he deflected the blast. 

Trunks then charged back at the deadly pair, quickly taking Zamasu out. Before he could interfere again, Vegeta warned him that he would fuck him up if he did. 

Trunks and Black fought head up, 1v1, and Trunks seemingly defeated Black. Sadly, Black was just playing with him and got up to fuck Trunks and Vegeta up again 

Black and Zamasu used this time to taunt Vegeta, him being the last Saiyan standing. They declared that they would kill him and then move on to the humans. Trunks heard this, powered back up to Super Saiyan Savage and launched a Masenko wave. 

Trunks followed this up with continuous Ki blasts in order to give Vegeta and co. A chance to escape to the past. Vegeta didn’t want to leave his son but Goku said that it was the only way to save his future. Trunks told them to find a way to beat them. 

After stopping Black from destroying the time machine, Trunks declared that he was their true opponent. 

The episode then cut to the past. Bluma got in Beerus ass for not being right. Beerus seemingly left to relax while the earthlings dealt with their issues. 

Kid Trunks snuck away to get Goten (thank god) so that they could go tot the future and help Future trunks. Bulma caught them before they could get into the time machine. 

Vegeta overheard her telling them how they wouldn’t be needed and that Goku would defeat them 

Inside Goku and the gang tried to find a plan. ChiChi and Gohan had arrived after searching for him. They filled them in on what has been happening. For a brief second it looked like Gohan would snap after hearing what Trunks was going through. 

Sadly he just turned and asked Goku to find a way. 

They agreed to use theMafuba, the attack used to seal Demon King Piccolo away. Funniest shit was Piccolo preparing to show Goku the attack and Goku just leaving. Piccolo just knew he was bout to blow their minds lmao 
Goku went to Roshi and learned the attack and Beerus went to Gowasu to talk. That’s it really. 


Honestly, I’m disappoint in this episode. While we did get some action in the beginning, it felt to empty. 

Goku and the gang ran to the past, YET AGAIN. They were just hanging in the living room, AGAIN. 

Like come on Bruh, I’m tired of hearing them explain to people what’s going on. I’m tired of waiting until next week. I get it but it still frustrating. 

After they go to the past it becomes super lame. Kid Trunks and Goten trying to go to the future was fun, Gohan and Goten seriously are underutilized. 

All in all this episode was a Let Down after the fight. 


  • Future Trunks takes on Black while in Super Saiyan Savage form. 
  • Future Trunks deflects the Zero Mortals Bomb
  • Future Trunks hits a Masenko Wave {love that shit}
  • Goku asks Vegeta to treat him nicer. 
  • Goku bitches Piccolo in front of everyone. 

That’s it for this week. Tune in next week for episode 63, they go back to the future for hopefully the last fucking time. 

No predictions this week. Though I do think that when Zamasu fuses with Black, he will no longer be immortal. That’s how they’ll kill him. 

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