Gimmie 5: What everyone gets wrong about Goku 

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone complain about Goku, I would be a very rich man. Now while some of those complaints are genuine, he does good around too much, there are some that are just baseless. These are points that are formed from just flat out bItterness. 
Let’s take a look at 5 things people get wrong about Goku. 

5. “He always gets a random power up” 

This one, while not the most baseless, irritates the hell out of me for a few simple reasons. 
One, Goku is born warrior. This man was sent as a child to destroy all life on earth. This wasn’t just some random mission, this is what his race did. Either you did it or you died a weakling. Shit look at Tarble, the guy was sent away from the royal planet because he was to weak to go on missions. 
The case I’m trying to make is that fighting comes natural for him. It’s in his bloodline. His father took countless planets as a low-class warrior in Frieza’s Army. 
Two, this man trains 24/7. He legit eats, sleeps, and trains. Every power up that he has gotten he had earned from constant training. Naruto gets random power ups, Goku earns his. 

4. “It’s basically Goku show” 

When people say this, the most obvious rebuttal would simply be “well, he’s the main character dipshit”. However, allow me to point out how this is completely false. 

While the first two main arcs of DragonBall Z had the Z-Warriors waiting for Goku, it didn’t only focus on that. When the Saiyan’s came to earth Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Chiaotzu, and Tien all were showcased greatly. 

They all fought hard against Nappa and Numerous subplots, while brief, were explored. Piccolo and Gohan’s relationship, Gohan’s fear, and Tien’s relationship with Chiaotzu. 

The same can be said on Namek. Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta all were showcased. Especially Vegeta and his story. 

Honestly, you watch the Android and Cell sagas then tell me if it’s the “Goku Show”. 

3. “Goku beats everyone” 

Whenever I hear this, I can’t help but shake my head. This and the #1 complaint are two of the biggest lies out there. Let’s run down every major villain. 

First of we have Raditz, Goku’s older brother from the very first episode of DBZ. Goku didn’t beat him, he had to sacrifice himself to make sure he died and didn’t hurt anyone. 

Then we have Vegeta, who Goku also didn’t beat. Actually Vegeta won their first fight pretty convincingly. Had Krillin, Gohan, and Yajarobi been away, Vegeta would have killed him. 

Next up is Frieza, while he did beat him in their battle on Namek he didn’t kill him. That credit goes to Vegeta’s son Trunks. Speaking of Vegeta, he beat androids 19 and 20. Cell took care of 16-18 before being beaten by Gohan. 

The next major arc would be Majin Buu, who after many transformations, was Goku’s first real victory against a major villain. He hadn’t killed any of them prior to killing Buu. 

If you add in Super then he gets an additional kill against Golden Frieza but it stops there. Beerus made him quit, Hitt could have killed him, and  Black has been beating his ass at every chance he can. 

2. “Goku is over powered” 

When people say this I simply ask how? How is this man, who trains 24/7 over powered? How?

If you want to be technical, he’s not even the strongest character. His son, Gohan, was the strongest character at the end of DragonBall Z. Gohan’s Mystic (or Ultimate) form was far superior to Goku’s SSJ3. 

Hell in super him and Vegeta aren’t even Top 10 strongest anymore. @CJstro13 pointed out that with the introduction of the 12 universes and their gods, Goku and Vegeta aren’t top 10. If you add in those trainers for the gods, that knocks them out of the top 20. Add in Hitt, Zeno and his attendant and their barely top 30. 

1. “All Goku does is die”


This is the single most annoying thing people say. This shows me that you obviously haven’t watched the show. If you had, you would know a few simple things. 

Goku has only died 2x and both times he sacrificed himself to save the earth. The first was against Raditz, to prevent him from killing everyone on earth and taking Gohan. The second was against Cell, because Gohan allowed Cell to use Self Destruct. Goku transported him off the planet and sacrificed himself. 

So the next time you decide that you don’t like the GOAT. I ask that you bring something other than these 5 overused complaints.
For the non believers I have inserted a link for the “Church of Goku”. Please allow the Holy Handed Savior into your hearts. 

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