DragonBall Super Ep.61 Recap/Review 

Ladies and Gentleman, what a Super Saroyan Sunday it is. New episode of DragonBall Super is here and mannnnnn this shit is FIRE. let’s get into it. 

The episode kicks off with explaining exactly how there are multiple Zamasu. For those that are confused, allow me to explain. 

Black is Zamasu from an alternate timeline, one that trunks created when he went back in time to save Goku’s life. He used the DragonBall’s to switch bodies with that timelines Goku. Zamasu is the one from Trunks timeline. 

The Manga explained that Black found that timeline by trying to find one without Beerus. Being as though supreme Kai died fighting Babidi and Dabura with Trunks, there is no God of Destruction. 

After explaining exactly who they were, they were done talking. They squared up and launched that first attack against Goku and Co. and that shit was CRAZY. Seriously we need to come up with a name for that attack (Zero Human Bomb?). 

After using SSJ Blue to block the attack, Goku charged full force. Now this was interesting because it’s usually Vegeta or Trunks that charge in off emotions and catch the L. Nope, this week it was my boy. 

Goku charged straight at both of them like the GOAT that he is and tried to push Zamasu shit way back. However, Zamasu is immortal so it didn’t effect him. This lead to Black and Zamasu putting Goku through a building. 

After explaining exactly how he got Zamasu from Trunks timeline to join him (which involved an awkward ass hug between the two) Black proceeded to hand out L’s like they were fucking candy 

Nah I don’t think yal hear me, Black took all three of them on and spanked them all. They gave Vegeta and Trunks a father/Son ass whooping. 

This left Goku alone, where Zamasu took it upon himself to get in his face. There he had Black explain exactly what happened to Goku and his family after he stole his body. 

Son. Zamasu was face to face with Goku and Black was standing behind him detailing how He switched bodies. Then this guy Black stabbed Goku through Zamasu. 

With the beam going through Goku’s chest, Black told that man how he killed him and his family. It’s safe to assume that he murdered everyone else as well. 

Bruhhhhh. Black ended them so swiftly. Please bare with me with all these screen shots but got damn. 

Goku then turned all the way up after hearing they killed Goten. He broke the energy blade in his chest and went into full GOAT mode. 

Goku went straight past Zamasu and went hard up with Black. Funniest shit was Zamsu constantly trying to insert himself into the fight and Goku treating that man like a child 😂. 

As impressive as Goku was, Black showed him exactly why he was THE man to beat. He grabbed Goku fist and calmed him right the fuck down. He blew a whole through his chest then did this crazy sword attack. With Goku down and out it was open season on the royal Saiyan family. 

Black and Zamasu explained that Trunks was a sinner. They told him that by traveling through time, he caused all of this. Had he not saved Goku’s life then they would have never met him. 

That’s a valid point. 

Vegeta tried to calm Trunks and tell him that they’re wrong about him. Trunks basically told Vegeta to watch Zamasu so him and Black could shoot a fair one. No jumping. Black ended him with the swiftness of 

And with that, Vegeta was the last Saiyan standing. Before they could give him the “Bank of America” Trunks got back up. Not only that, but that boy Powered up into a new SSJ form. It looks like it’s almost SSJ3 but not all the way there. The episode ended there 


This was by far one of the best episodes of the series. Not only did we finally get the full revelation of who Black was and his origin, but we got a lot of action. 

Goku taking on Black head on was fun to see. While many people will bitch about Goku always killing the main, that’s far from the truth. This arc is the perfect example, Black has washed Goku just like he washed Vegeta and Trunks. 

I love how Black and Zamasu fought in sync. Their attacks are visually appealing. Zamasu kind of got in their heads while Black laid those hands. 

Finally, that fucking transformation. I have no idea what that is. It looks like he’s almost SSJ3, cause his hair did grow. However it didn’t grow enough and he still has his eyebrows. He has the lightening from SSJ2 but he doesn’t have pupils. The closest thing that comes to mind is Broly’s Legendary SSJ form. That’s exactly what it resembled. 


  • Black beating the shit out of Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks by himself 
  • Zamasu and Black’s combined attacks 
  • Black stabbing Goku through Zamasu and then telling him how me murdered ChiChi and Goten 
  • Goku treating Zamasu like a chump while fighting Black 
  • Black’s sword attack that almost killed Goku 
  • Black seemingly killing Trunks 


  • Trunks new form, whatever it is, will only get him a small advantage before he gets put down. 
  • Gohan, Goten, and Kid Trunks are finally gonna get involved in the action. 
  • Zamasu and Black fusion will cancel out their immortality. Allowing Goku and them to kill him. 
  • Trunks or Vegeta will end Black Zamsu. 

Welp, that’s all until next week. I legit hope they keep this momentum cause Black and Zamsu are a real force. They bring the danger back. Also, there is a rumor that there is another Dragon Ball Super movie in the works. I’m assuming that’ll pick up after the end of super, I’ll keep you posted. 

Also, I hate the new ending theme song. I want that other one back. Granted I don’t know what they saying but it still sounded better 😂😂😂
Will Gotenks appear? Will Black Zamsu be green or white? Will Goku and Vegeta Fuse?

Find out next week on Dragon Ball Super 


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