DragonBall Super Episode 60 Recap/Review 

Good morning ladies and gentleman, we are back again with another episode of DragonBall Super. 

This week we pick up after that epic moment from last week. Ya know the one, where Beerus pulled a top 5 savage moment in DBZ History? Cmon you know that was savage. 

Anyway, this week picks back up where we left off with that. Beerus proclaims that Trunks’s future is back to how it was before the events of Black due to him killing off a god. Trunks doesn’t believe it and wants to check it out for himself. Honestly I think that’s fair, after going through the Shit the shit that he’s gone through, it’s kind of hard to take people’s word that it all just went away. Still, Beerus was pretty pissed that he was doubted. 

Whis removed a very pissed off Beerus from the situation. Bulma then proposed a going away dinner for Trunks, to help his strength. Goku, Beerus, and Whis all agreed with this. 

As awesome as DragonBall Super is, this is one thing that kind of pisses me off. Everyone is still so damn care free. Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks fell out of the time machine beaten to shit and nobody took that as a sign to train? Like, Vegeta had a fucking hold in his chest and Kid Trunks didn’t think to grab Goten and say “yo shit real bro, let’s hit the chamber”? Idk, it’s a small gripe but still. 

The dinner itself was pretty standard. Goku eating like he has zero manners, Vegeta being dark and brooding, and Beerus and Whis Finding a new food that they love. 

What was interesting were the moments after the dinner. Kid Trunks gave a passion filled speech about how Future Trunks should just take Beerus word for it because he is a God. Future Trunks trumped it all by pointing out one point, of what Beerus said is in fact true than Future Trunks shouldn’t be there. Beerus, like your average Meek Mill fan, was pissed when presented with facts. 

What happened next was truly a moment we, as DragonBall Z fans, thought we would never see. Future Trunks explained to Kid Trunks about his future and everything that had happened. 

It felt so dope to see those two together. To see Future Trunks being up the androids, Vegeta and Goku being dead, and being the only fighter left. 

Future Trunks in short said that while they were both Trunks, they aren’t built the same. That’s exactly what I got from this, he basically told Kid Trunks “you not built like me Bruh, you soft”. 

Fast forward through the emotional stuff to Future Trunks ready to leave for the future. Both Goku and Vegeta declared that they would be going with him. Vegeta, after being asked to go by Future Trunks, agreed only if Future Trunks didn’t come back if his future was fixed. Bulma also declared that she would be going as well, to pilot the time machine back to the past. 

Before they left though, Bulma suprised Future Trunks with a new half jacket. She gave it to him and a red bandanna, cause she know her son in these streets. @KeepItAll100 pointed out that Emperor Pilaf had on True Religion, lit. 

After this the pair headed off to the future. Upon arriving there, they saw that nothing had changed. Like, can you imagine the frustration in Trunks heart when they got there 😂. 

A soldier greeted them and told Trunks that Mai had been injured helping people escape. Trunks immediately rushed to her side. Once he reached her he gave her a senzu bean…in a extra ass way. She could have chewed it but he chewed then kissed it into her mouth. That moment triggered a hilarious exchange between Goku and Vegeta about kissing. 

Meanwhile, in the swankiest of mountain cabins, Black and Zamasu sensed that Goku and Co. had arrived. 

Nah. I’m legit interested in how much bro paid for that cabin. Is that like a resort or did he buy it? 

Anyway Black and Zamasu pulled up with the swiftness. They waited for Goku and Co. to pull up. 

Black and Vegeta kicked shit off ON SIGHT. They locked eyes and Black motioned as if saying “wassup wit it”, Vegeta charged in almost immediately. 

Vegeta the pointed out that he only wanted to defeat Black for Trunks and his timeline. When people cry about lack of character development in DBZ I honestly don’t get it, just look at Vegeta. 

Goku then explained that they knew all about Zamasu and his bootleg Goku. However Black stated that he was in fact the real Goku, albeit with the mind of Zamasu. 

Essentially the first wish Zamasu made to the super dragon was to switch bodies with Goku. What happened to Goku in Zamasu’s body? Black killed him of course. Funniest shit is Black saying “with these hands”, SAVAGE. I 


Well I enjoyed this weeks episode. While I’m never a fan of too much talking, I did enjoy the reveal of who Black Goku really is. This may be because me and @MillerTheGod called this shit weeks ago. 

What I didn’t like was the relaxed nature of the first half of the episode. Granted Future Trunks was still on edge, everyone else wasn’t. Like I said, Vegeta came back with. Hole in his chest. Why is that not a red flag? He’s one of your big guns, when they both come back with an L shouldn’t you panic? Where is Gohan and Goten? Like cmon. 


  • Trunks explains his future to Kid Trunks. 
  • Vegeta and Goku argue about kissing 
  • Vegeta kicks shit off with Black on sight. 
  • Black reveals that he is Zamasu in Goku’s body and that he killed Goku WITH THEM HANDS!


  • The first half of next weeks episode with focus on Black’s origin 
  • The gang will take another L 
  • Either Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks, or Mai will die. Ain’t no way they all surviving this 
  • Black will unleash a god mode or SSJ3 rose. 
  • Fusions are coming. Black + zamasu vs Vegito or Gogeta is still the endgame. 

Will we ever find out how much Zamasu paid for that cabin? Who taught Goku not to kiss these hoes? Where did Bulma get that Capsule Corp. jacket made?

Find out next week on DragonBall Super episode 61 🔥🔥
Until then I’m Khairy and you can follow me on twitter @OMG_ItsKhairy 


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