DragonBall Super Ep.59 Recap/Review 

Ladies and Gentleman, after two long weeks we finally have a new episode of DragonBall Super. Let’s dig in 

The episode kicked off with Goku and Co. pulling up on Gowasu’s planet looking for Zamasu. Goku inadvertently blurted out that they were coming to stop him, causing Beerus to bop him on the head. 

That was hilarious because Goku was getting fed up with that shit fast. Beerus then lied and said that Goku begged them to come so that Goku could fight him when Zamasu asked why they were there to see him. Whis followed up his lie by implying that they should leave so Beerus could take his afternoon nap. With that said, they gave Gowasu a parting gift and left. However they really just went out into space to wait for Zamasu to give them proof. 

Down on earth we got one of the highlights of the episode. Trunks was being his usual depressed self (his world has ended twice, can’t blame him honestly) as Pilaf gang spied on him. Pilaf plotted that Mai should go comfort in his time of need as humans usually fall for those that are there for them 

Mai refused and pointed out how they don’t understand what Trunks is going through. Honestly, this will always be weird to me, she’s a kid and he’s a whole grown man. There scenes always give off a creepy vibe. 

Enter Kid Trunks to cheer his older self up as only A child raised by Vegeta could. 

Trunks scolded Future Trunks for being so depressed. He told him that he was a disappointment and that it was his fault he couldn’t protect Mai. Once he saw that he struck a nerve, Trunks challenged Future Trunks to a fight. 

You can honestly tell the difference between which one was raised by Vegeta and which one wasn’t. Trunks even used a signature Vegeta taunt phrase, “And your supposed to be a Saiyan” 

In the future, Black and Zamasu had a kickback at a Swanky mountain cabin. I’m guessing it’s Zamasu house cause it’s hella clean. 

This conversation gave us two major drops

1. Black is somehow feeding off of Goku as they fight. Slowly killing him. 

2. They might both be immortal. 

But ya know who’s not immortal? Present Zamasu because once they got their proof, Goku and Co. pulled back up swiftly. 

After Whis reverted time back to save Gowasu’s life, Beerus had all the proof he needed. They approached Zamasu with the allegations. Zamasu wasn’t going down without a fight but Beerus, unlike a certain main character , wasn’t for his foolishness. He clapped Zamasu with one word, “Destroy”. 

Back on earth, Beerus informed Trunks that he killed Zamasu. He also stated that because he was a god that the future has changed. 


  • Trunks goes full Vegeta on his future counterpart. Powering up to super saiyan and punching him in the face. 
  • Zamasu possibly reveals that Black is some sort of leech and that they both are immortal 
  • Beerus kills Zamasu 


  • The future hasn’t changed at all
  • Zamasu and Black will fuse in the coming episodes. Causing Goku and Vegeta to fuse as well 
  • Future Trunks reaches SSJ3 

Will Gohan and Goten ever get involved in the fate of the planet? Will Vegeta ever stop being so emotional? How much is Zamasu rent? (Seriously that’s a nice ass house)

Find out next week on DragonBall Super🔥🔥

Until then I’m Khairy, and you can find me on twitter @OMG_ItsKhairy 


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