The Deep Creek: Royal Rumble 2015 Results and Review

Well ladies and gents its once again time for the Royal Rumble. The road to WrestleMania officially starts with this event. WWE is at its hottest at this time of year so we should be in for a treat, anything would be better than last years Royal Rumble Rumble show. So lets get right into it, Welcome to the 2015 Royal Rumble Review. Ill cover results, highlights, and what may come from the results.

The opening promo was good, not great but good. I do like how they had every one claiming to be the one but it’s pretty much the same we get every year. I really wish @JerryLawler learned to wear a damn suit, I mean it’s a PPV. He hurts the professionalism of the show.

The New Age Outlaws are our first to go toe to toe with the Ascension. I will never, and I mean NEVER, get tired of their opening promo. They are a major highlight of my wrestling childhood. The Ascension are our next, I really think their entrance needs something. I can’t really tell what exactly but its missing something.

New Age Outlaws vs. The Ascension

Victor and Billy start the match. Billy has aged well; he looked really old in TNA though. I never noticed how jacked Billy Gunn was when I was a kid. Tag to Road Dogg, classic theatrics by Road Dogg. Tag to Konner. Shake rattle and roll by Road Dogg, He still looks good doing it. The Ascension takes control in the corner with stomps to Road Dogg. Tag to Viktor, a nice headlock applied. The Ascension has awesome attire I must say. Tag to Konner. They are really working Road Dogg over here. As much as I like the NAO, I’m a bit disappointed that the Ascension isn’t destroying them. Back suplex by Konner to Road Dogg, it looks like it might have been botched. Another tag to Viktor and another sleeper. Hot tag to Billy and Konner gets sent over the top rope. Billy with a tilt-a-whirl body slam to Victor. Viktor reverses the Fames-asser into a blind tag to Konner. They set up the Fall of Man and get the 1,2,3 for the win over the New Age Outlaws.

Winners: The Ascension

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Review: That was a very basic tag match. It wasn’t really as exciting as it should have been. The Ascension should have destroyed the New age Outlaws in a matter of minutes. Instead we were given a drawn out competitive match-up which saw one to many sleeper holds applied and not enough high impact moves by a team who are supposed to be destructive. I’m glad that they won, however they should have ran through the New Age Outlaws similar to the Shield vs. Authority match at WrestleMania 30.

  • Backstage Promo: Paul Heyman interrupts Stephanie and hunter who are talking about Sting. He offers them a solution to all of their problems in the form of Brock Lesnar. He name-dropped everyone who had been giving The Authority an issue, notably sting.

It’s time for the Tag team title match.

WWE Tag Team Championships: The Miz & Mizdow vs The Usos

The Miz’s are out first, loud pop for Mizdow. Miz is getting Cena type boo’s from the crowd. Uso’s are out next. They are rocking red, silver, black, and white in their attire. Their face paint looks similar to the road warriors. They are wrestling shirtless, as I stated on twitter they only wrestle without shirts in championship matches or on a PPV.

 The Miz starts off with Jey. Jey reverses an Irish whip into the corner with a baseball slide. Big punch from Jey to Miz sounded painful. Tag to jimmy. Back suplex by Jey and Jimmy comes off the top with a punch of some sort. Correction the face paint on the Uso’s looks more like the Demolition face paint. No black just grey white and silver. Miz whips jimmy into the corner and hits him with his signature clothesline. Miz goes up to the top but jimmy stops him. Mizdow is mimicking the Miz on the top rope and he is hilarious while doing it. Jimmy reverses an axe handle of the top rope by the Miz with a punch to the gut. Mizdow mimicked the Miz perfectly and earns the applause of the crowd. Big kick by jimmy then Miz side stepped Jimmy and cause his face to hit the middle rope. A big stomp in the corner by Miz to jimmy then Miz teases a tag to Mizdow while holding jimmy in a sleeper. The crowd is chanting big for Mizdow. Miz goes for his signature neck breaker but only connects with half as jimmy reverses it into a Samoan drop that is reversed into the Miz neck breaker combo by Miz. 2 count for Miz as Miz teases a tag to Mizdow but doesn’t tag him in. Whip kick by jimmy to the Miz then a tag to Jey. Super kick to the gut by Jey to Miz leading to a Samoan drop to the Miz. Running hip attack by Jey to the Miz, Mizdow runs in but is tossed out by Jey then Miz rolls up Jey for 2. Jey then rolls up the Miz for 2. Miz kicks the knee into the DDT as the crowd is chanting for Mizdow again. Jey reverses the figure four into a kick, which Miz had initially ducked. Jey tries to go for the “Uso Crazy” over the top splash but is brought down on the ropes by The Miz. Jimmy however does connect with it, Miz pulled Mizdow in the way. Jey comes right behind him with a front flip over the ropes on the Miz that he didn’t connect with completely.

This earned the Miz a “you fucked up chant from the crowd”. Back in the ring Miz hit Jey with a skull Crushing Finale for a 2 count. The crowd is chanting Mizdow again. Miz catches a massive super kick when he tried to hit his corner clothesline again. Jey with a Samoan splash, he tried to go for the pin but Mizdow broke it up. Jimmy tried to charge Mizdow but he threw him into the ring post. Skull Crushing Finale on Jey by Mizdow for a huge pop. Jey kicks out at 2. The crowd is really into this match. Very close falls have given this match life that nobody expected. Mizdow looks pissed the Miz didn’t get the pin. The Miz goes for a superplex but Jey fights out of it, he super kick’s Mizdow who tried to push him off. Jey flips over Miz then jimmy super kick’s Miz that caused Jey to power bomb him of the top rope. Jimmy tags in and hit the Samoan splash for the 3 count and to retain the tag team championships.

Winners: The Usos

Rating: 3.5 stars

Review. That was a really fun tag match that many expected to go through the motions since the two teams have fought so many times in various match-up over the last few months. The announcers are really trying to get the Uso’s over as the best tag team today. They may eventually lead to the ascension trying to beat the best team today instead of insulting the ones in the past. WWE really needs to capitalize on Mizdow’s momentum before nobody really cares if he turns on Miz or not. The ending to the match was awesome with the superkick/powerbomb/samoan splash combo.

  • Backstage segment: J&J securities are playing WWE Immortals. Pretty funny when Noble asked if he could get the game on his phone. Seth walked in and fussed at the two for playing games when he has the biggest match of his career. Seth said the he is through being called the future because he is the Right Now.

Its time for the Divas tag team match and I can’t say that I’m too pumped for this. I watched this show with a few people and we all sort of groaned when the Bella’s music hit. However I am excited at the fact that Natalya and Paige are teaming up. Now if they somehow managed to add Charlotte and AJ to this alliance I would be even more thrilled.

The Bella Twins vs. Paige and Natalya

Brie Bella looks weird when she is trying to look mean. Nikki and Paige start things off. Clothesline from Nikki to Paige, she taunts Natalya afterwards Paige works Nikki over to her corner and tags in Natalya. They him a double team move into a super kick from Paige to Nikki for a two count. Brie gets tagged in now. Natalya literally lifts Brie up and runs to her corner with her. Tag to Paige and a double delayed suplex for a two count. Paige hits her knees to the gut on Brie then tags Natalya who drop kicks Brie on the apron Paige in now with a big smack to drop Brie. The crowd is chanting Ole for Sami Zayn. JBL tried to say it was European football chant, we know it’s for Sami zany JBL stop it. Big sidekick by Paige for two then a tag to Natalya. Botched move by Brie then a tag to Nikki which led to a double team move. Paige is trying to fire Natalya up for the hot tag. Big shoulder block by Nikki to keep Natalya away from Paige and a two count. Another double team move by the Bella’s to get brie in the ring. Natalya tries to fight back with elbows to the gut of brie. Running knee to the face by brie to Natalya. Double leg flip by the Bella’s to Natalya to get Nikki back in the ring and a two count. Natalya reversed a leg-headlock into an electric chair. That was pretty impressive. Nikki tries for another leg flip but Natalya tries to apply the sharpshooter. Natalya gets hit with a big clothesline from Nikki in the corner. As Natalya is crawling to Paige, Brie yanks Paige off the apron. Nikki hits Natalya with a stiff forearm to get the 3 count for the win.

Winners: The Bella Twins

Rating: 2 stars

Review: The crowd was pretty dead for this match, which is usually the case for divas these days. Paige and Natalya have dominated the Bella’s leading up to this match, so they needed to win here. What to notice is the while the Bella’s have improved greatly in the ring the still botch the most simple moves. Paige came off very sexual with her pins and that one tag to Natalya. Another basic tag match that had its good moments but also had a couple of unacceptable botches.

  • Promo: Superstars are talking about the rumble match. Roman says but a lot, I never noticed that. Good promo from reigns. Stardust and Goldie are their usual creepy selves. Rusev claims this match will be his rise to power. Miz and Mizdow with Mizdow mimicking the Miz. That is until Mizdow says he will win the rumble match. Big show talks about being a giant again. Fandango talks to Rosa about claiming the spotlight for him and Rosa. Bryan talks about fighting the authority to get into the main event of WrestleMania 30, he leads the crowd into YES! Chants.

An awesome promo for the WWE title match, then again it’s rare that the WWE production team has a bad promo video. I’d be interested if anyone can find one. They are focusing heavily on brock not having to get pinned and Rollins having the money on the bank. The former is the usual in any triple threat but it’s a big deal here because Lesnar has yet to be pinned since beating Triple H in 2013.

John Cena is out first; the crowd is singing “John Cena Sucks”. It’s pretty funny. He is the met with an arena of Boo’s. Seriously I don’t even hear the kid cheering for him. He throws his shirt into the crowd. It funny because he watches it just to make sure they didn’t throw it back then pointed out that the guy kept it. Seth Rollins is out next to a mixed reaction. J&J Security flanks him; he has the money in the bank in hand. Brock Lesnar is out next to cheers from the crowd. This guys looks so intense. I like how JBL is running down Lesnar’s list of accomplishments in UFC and WWE. Lillian Garcia down the formal ring announcements for title matches. Cena gets booed again, Rollins gets a mixed reaction, and Lesnar gets a baby face like pop.

WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins vs. John Cena

Right out of the gate Lesnar goes for Rollins who bails out of the ring. Cena tries to hit Lesnar from behind but gets hit with a big German suplex. Rollins and Lesnar have a stare down. Another German suplex to Cena then Rollins tried to sneak in but Lesnar goes to grab him. Rollins bails to the outside again but brock grabs J&J security. Brock hits a double German suplex with Noble in one arm and Mercury in the other. WOW! That was awesome, Brock is a freaking animal.

 Cena tries for an FU but is pushed into a kick from Rollins. Lesnar pulls Rollins into the ring. Knees to the gut and a German suplex to Rollins. Another German suplex to Cena. Lesnar stands tall above both of them. Lesnar is just flinging Cena and Rollins around the ring. Regular suplex to Cena and the same for Rollins. Brock is just taking his time, suplexing these two guys with ease. The crowd is fired up for this match Brock locks in the Kimora on Cena but Cena powers up and lifts brock up while in the lock, Rollins knocks them both down with a springboard flying knee. Rollins and cena double-team Lesnar. AA to Lesnar, then Rollins tosses Cena out and tries to steal the win. Lesnar is back up and tossing them around. He tosses the both out of the ring, he follows but is met with a dropkick from Rollins into the ring post. Cena and Rollins are working together. Until they hit the ring the Cena attempts his 5 moves of doom. Rollins reverses the 5 knuckle shuffle with a kick, which Cena reverses it to the AA attempt. Rollins grabs the ropes and tries for the enziguri but Cena hit a back suplex for another 5 knuckle shuffle attempt. Brock gets back in the ring and German suplexes Cena again, the crowd popped big for that one He really came from out of nowhere. He goes for a third but Seth hits Brock with a super kick. Rollins knees Brock in the back that knocks him to the outside of the ring. Cena hits Rollins with a power slam for a 2 count. Heyman is getting frustrated. Rollins with a big neck breaker on Cena for two as Lesnar breaks the pin. Lesnar pound Rollins with big blows to the back. He tosses Rollins out of the ring like its nothing. It takes three clotheslines from Cena to drop brock. Rollins snatches Cena out of the ring and gears up for another flying knee but is caught in mid air by brock for an F5. The crowd is going nuts. Big two count broken up by Cena. Another German suplex to Cena by Brock. He carried him like a child before he hit that last one. Lesnar goes to the outside and strips the announcer’s table. Cena hits Lesnar with 3 consecutive AA’s, Brock kept getting up. After third one Cena tried to pin but Rollins broke it up. It looked as if Lesnar would kick out though. This guy Brock is just a freak of nature. Curb stomp by Rollins to Lesnar and Cena breaks up the pin. Lesnar has taken 3 AA’s in a row and a curb stomp, he is still standing ladies and gentleman as he goes on the outside for a breather. Cena tackles Lesnar through the barricade from behind.

 “Holy shit” chants from the Philly crowd. Lesnar is getting back up again, dear god how can the keep him down. Cena throws Lesnar into the steel steps; Lesnar is still getting back to his feet. Cena rams the steps into Lesnar’s face, which lays Lesnar out on the table. Rollins with a baseball slide to Cena, he notices Lesnar laid out on the table and goes to the top. Rollins with a flyng elbow from the top rope to Lesnar through the announcers table. “ECW” and This Is Awesome” champs from the crowd now. Cena brings Rollins to the ring as the crowd starts booing. Rollins with a small package but Cena kicks out. A super kick to the face of Cena for a two count for Rollins. Rollins reverses the AA but is hit with a big power bomb by Cena for two. Heyman is yelling for a doctor now, they finally grounded the beast. Cena and Rollins are battling it out now. The crowd is strongly behind Rollins now. A corner power bomb to Cena that gets Rollins a two count. STF by Cena but J&J security hit the ring to save Rollins. Shield 2.0-power bomb on Cena for a 2 count. Cena ducks the briefcase shot and send Rollins over the top rope Cena hits Mercury and Nobly with a Double AA, not as impressive as that double German by Brock. Rollins rushes Cena and gets hit with a AA. Rollins kicks out at 2 as the crowd is going insane with the near falls. Lesnar still hasn’t gotten up; the announcers are really focusing on that he doesn’t have to be pinned. Cena and Rollins are going back and forth. Rollins reverses the AA into the enziguri and follows it up with a curb stomp. Cena kicks out at 2. Seth Rollins goes up to the top rope and hits an Phoenix splash.

Wow that was just amazing the crowd went nuts. Lesnar pops back up and immediately hits Rollins with a German suplex as soon as he gets up from hitting that beautiful Phoenix splash on Cena. German suplex on Cena, which throws him out of the ring. Rollins nails Lesnar with a briefcase shot to the head to stumble him and a second one to drop him. Rollins lays Lesnar’s head on the briefcase but is met with an F5 out of nowhere. Lesnar gets the pin fall and retains the WWE championship.

Winner: WWE Champion Brock Lesnar

Rate: 5 stars

Review: WOW, that’s all you can say from the match. From bell to bell Brock Lesnar looked like an unstoppable beast. In once sequence he caught 3 AA’s, a curb stomp, and was tackled through the barricade yet he was still getting up. Lesnar’s beast like intensity wasn’t the only thing showcased in this match though as Rollins held his own with highflying moves that left us jaw dropped. His phoenix splash, thanks to my brother for telling me the name, was a thing of beauty. Rollins has cemented his place in the main event scene with this match; he stood his ground with the two biggest names in WWE. There were times where it looked like WWE would repeat the same mistake its made over the years and give the title to Cena but it seems as if they are learning. Brock Lesnar dominated just about the entire match leading to his victory. Interesting to point out that Cena was just sort of there. He didn’t do anything that worth noting that we didn’t see before and the crowd showed him that we are tired of him main eventing. Nonetheless, this was an amazing bout thanks to all three involved. The Beast that is Brock Lesnar is going to the main event of WrestleMania 31.

Main Event: Royal Rumble

Since the royal rumble is such a long hectic match, I will post the key moments and entrant order. It’s time for the Royal Rumble match as we get the same numbers promo again.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Rate: 4 stars

Review: this was a good rumble match, not the best ever but its was still good. The poor pacing of superstars hurt the match a lot. The first 10 superstars, with the exception of truth and Miz, all had a big name feel to them. After Daniel Bryan entered a lot of irrelevant names began to enter. This hurt the rumble because you knew that they had zero chance of winning. Superstars such as the new day and Sin Cara had no place in this match. Those spots could have been given to surprise entrants that would have at least garnered a pop. Another thing that hurt this match was Bryan being eliminated so easy with no type of story to it. It would have been nice to see Bray continue to attack Bryan. It would have given the crowd an explanation to his elimination. Bray has always been a roadblock for Bryan. One last problem I had with the Rumble was the last people in it. Kane and Big Show should have been dispatched of quickly and should not have eliminated Bray, Dean or Dolph. It should have come down to Dolph, Bray, Roman and Dean. The Rock was a nice surprise and a welcome. I feel like the Philly crowd was wrong to turn on the Rumble just because Bryan was eliminated. It was a great show and a really good rumble. they should just learn to save the best for last and keep the jobbers in the front.


  • Bubba Ray and Truth hit the Dudley Boyz signature spots on the miz. They hit both the “Wazzup” and the “3D”. This is his first Royal Rumble. At one point Bubba told truth to get the tables, sadly there were no tables that were got.
  • The Wyatt Family team up and stare down.
  • Wyatt freaks out the boogey man with his crabwalk then tosses him out.
  • Wyatt takes the mic and issues an open invitation. He says that this is his year before leading the crowd into song.
  • DDP come in to a nice pop and immediately hits stardust with a diamond cutter. He knocks fandango onto the top rope and hits a diamond cutter off the top rope. Bray attacks him from behind but gets hit with a Diamod cutter also. DDP is wrestling in jeans and a shirt. He should have worn his attire.
  • Bray eliminates Bryan much to the dismay of the Philly crowd. Lots of boo’s.
  •  Kofi ends up on the apron as Rose makes his entrance and gets knocked off the apron on top of the rose buds. They carry him around the ring and put him back in the ring.
  • Titus hits the ring and is immediately eliminated by Ambrose and Roman. I kind of go excited to see dean and roman work together again.
  • Ziggler hits an impressive jumping double ddt on Kane and show
  • The giants eliminated Ziggler after show KO punches him when Ziggler comes off the top rope. They toss Ziggler out of the ring like a bag of trash. Bray Wyatt gets the same treatment.
  • Dean and Roman stand side by side and hype each other up as the charge the giants. They both hit their signature clotheslines. I am marking out seeing the Shield brothers working together.
  • The Rock returns to help Roman Reigns fight off Kane and Big Show to win the Royal Rumble.
  • Entrant order and elimination:
    • Miz in at #1 eliminated by Bubba
    • R-truth in at #2 eliminated by Bubba
    • #3 Bubba Ray Dudley. Eliminated by Bray Wyatt
    • #4 is Luke harper. Eliminated by Wyatt
    • #5 is Bray Wyatt. Eliminated by Big Show and Kane
    • #6 is Curtis axel. He never hits the rings as Eric Rowan takes him out.
    • #7 is the boogey man. Eliminated by Bray Wyatt
    • #8 is Sin Cara. Eliminated by Bray Wyatt
    • #9 Zack Ryder eliminated by Bray Wyatt
    • #10 Daniel Bryan eliminated by Bray Wyatt
    • #11 Fandango eliminated by Rusev
    • #12 is Tyson Kidd eliminated by Bryan
    • #13 Stardust eliminated by Roman Reigns
    • #14 is DDP eliminated by Rusev
    • #15 is Rusev eliminated by Roman Reigns
    • #16 is Goldust eliminated by Roman Reigns
    • #17 is Kofi eliminated Rusev
    • #18 is Adam Rose eliminated by Rusev
    • #19 is Roman Reigns: Winner
    • #20 Big E eliminated by Rusev
    • #21 Mizdow eliminated by Rusev
    • #22 Jack Swagger eliminated by Kane
    • #23 Ryback eliminated by Big Show
    • #24 Kane eliminated by Roman Reigns
    • #25 Dean Ambrose eliminated by Kane and Big Show
    • #26 Titus O’Neil eliminated by Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns
    • #27 BNB eliminated by Dolph Ziggler
    • #28 Cesaro
    • #29 Big Show eliminated by Roman Reigns
    • #30 Dolph Ziggler eliminated by Show and Kane

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