5 Characters who could have been the main character besides Goku

  1. Bardock

The father of Goku and Raditz. He is the leader of one of the most efficient Saiyan militia units and the martyr for the entire Saiyan race. Bardock makes this list for the simple fact of his awesomeness.

If you’ve never seen his movie “Bardock: Father of Goku” you are truly missing out. He was given the curse of foreseeing his planets destruction after conquering a planet in the name of Frieza along with his band of warriors. Now what makes Bardock such a bad ass is that he wasn’t an elite warrior, actually he was a low class warrior. By the time the movie opens up him and his team have reach power levels that match those of Frieza’s elite squads. This was their unfortunate death sentence because once Frieza caught wind of the Saiyan’s he orders the team to be executed. So what does Bardock once he arrives to see his team slaughtered by Frieza’s orders? What any bad ass would do, he single handedly takes out Dodoria’s entire team of elites and comes close to killing the pink blob himself. He doesn’t stop there however; the then goes on to call out Frieza by himself. He then goes on to announce that the entire Saiyan army quits while throwing various insults at the overlord. Finally, in true “take your job and shove it” fashion, he hurdles a massive collection of energy at Frieza.
Now granted Frieza destroyed him and the entire planet almost effortlessly afterwards but can you imagine the amount of courage that took for him to stand up to the strongest being in the universe at the time? A series chronicling Bardock and his team rising through the ranks of even just Bardock himself growing up similar to the way they showed Goku in DragonBall.

  1. Goten and Trunks

The sons of Goku and Vegeta, unlike their fathers, are as close as brothers can be. In all actuality we should have gotten this series in the form of DragonBall GT but we all know how that went down. Goten and Trunks did however get to show off a bit during the Majin Buu saga. It was in this saga that both displayed the ability to turn super Saiyan without any effort and the unbridled passion for challenge that only Saiyan’s can. Now what could a series focusing on the two entail?

thing we can al agree on is that DragonBall GT sucked, for way more reasons that I care to explain, and one reasons is that they turned Goten and Trunks into weaklings. Like their father’s they both quest for a decent challenge and have somewhat of a sibling rivalry with both trying to be the strongest. This could have been the basis, sort of if Vegeta and Goku had been brothers at the beginning instead of enemies. They could have been on a quest to not only match but also top the legacy of their father’s. They should have been the one’s to face off against the villains in GT. The series could follow them from kids all the way to adults. This would give us what we clamored for in GT but sadly we never got to see, an adult version of Gotenks. Gotenks is the product of the fusion dance between Goten and Trunks. He is a solid fan favorite and one of the top ten DBZ characters of all time. Would a series focused on Goten and Trunks work? You’re damn right it would, especially if it gives us more Gotenks.

  1. Frieza

The self titled ruler of the universe and possibly the greatest villain to grace our TV screens. Frieza is single handedly responsible for the genocide of the Saiyan’s and countless other races. Frieza met his end at the hands of Goku then again at the hands of trunks. He is the villain that we all love to hate, so why would he make a great main character?

Lets start off with the fact that he is the, suspected, leader of the Planet Trade Organization. This organization conquers and sells planets throughout the universe whether they are inhabited or not. This organization is mention heavily throughout the series yet we never fully learned who all are in the organization or who actually runs it. We did learn that both Frieza’s brother and father are part of the organization and that he usually keeps the strongest warrior of any planet that he conquers, which gives us our next two points. Both Frieza and his brother alluded to having a bit of a family rivalry. Cooler even went as far as stating that if Goku had not killed Frieza then he would have eventually done the deed himself. What happened between the two to cause such bitterness between brothers? This may have been something between the family and just a natural trait of their species as Frieza stated on Namek that the only people who were able to inflict pain on him were his parents. Were his parents abusive? Did they favor one brother over the other? Now the other thing that a Frieza focused series is his army or his rather his rise to power. His army consists of countless species and races that he has either conquered or exterminated. It would be interesting to see his rise to power, what members of his army were actually forced to join him. What other species did he exterminate? Was he the one that killed Pikkon? All of these questions could be answered if he were the main character.

  1. Vegeta

He’s the prince of the Saiyan race, the rival for Goku, and the most loved character beside Goku himself. Vegeta has given the fans everything that we couldn’t get in Goku. Where Goku was friendly and team driven, Vegeta set out to prove exactly why he’s the Prince of Saiyan’s by doing it himself. Where Goku was playful and respectful, Vegeta was often serious and cocky in his powers. So what would a Vegeta focused series bring about?

As stated previously, it could give us everything that the original DragonBall didn’t. Where Goku lived an adventurous life meeting many friends, Vegeta life was far darker. It could focus on his time growing up under Frieza. Not much is known of Vegeta’s life in between the destruction of planet Vegeta aside that he worked alongside Nappa and Raditz as part of Frieza’s army. We could learn of his exploits and travels to different planet’s. Why did he never try to escape from Frieza? That could provide an interesting tale. Alternatively they could focus on Vegeta after Goku went away to train Uub. DragonBall GT has to many problems to mention in this article but one main problem was the lack of character progression with Vegeta. They could have used this series to focus more on the saiyan prince. Among the many available topics able to be explored would be his growth into becoming the savior that Goku was. This could explore his choices in battles, ability to lead the Z warriors, and his relationship with Trunks. Did they drop the proverbial 4-star ball by not focusing GT on Vegeta? It sure seems like it.

  1. Future Trunks

Hailing from a timeline where all of the Z warriors have died at the hand of the androids, Trunks has already given us a reason to want to see more of him. After escaping into the past to ensure that the same fate wouldn’t befall the Z-Warriors of our current timeline. While in the past Trunks not only met Goku and his father but he got to train with them as well. He gains an immense amount of power during his time in the past as well as his father’s respect. When he returns to his timeline he makes short work of both Cell and the Androids. So why would a series following him be any good?

We were already given the “History of Trunks” which gave us his story prior to coming to the past. In that we were treated to an adult Gohan who had taken over as the earth’s champion in his father’s place. Now this version of Gohan was far from the scared and often fragile version that we were used to. He was fearless, valiant, and every bit of the bad ass that we always wanted him to be. So what the point of mentioning that? Think about it, that was a whole new Gohan. Giving of us more of Trunk’s means that we get new takes on interesting characters. It literally is a whole new universe for us to explore. Who knows what new villains trunks would encounter? Likewise, what new teammates would he manage to meet? With him being the only surviving Z warrior he would need a new team to help combat the new threat or maybe, akin to Vegeta, he takes to working alone. Maybe he meets his version of Broly, which would open up the possibility of whether he is ally or foe. Does Tarble still come to earth in search of help? If so, does he train under Trunks to live up to his brother’s legacy? The possibilities are endless with this. The amount of potential offered through a series focused on Trunks would open up an entirely new DragonBall Z universe.


7 thoughts on “5 Characters who could have been the main character besides Goku

  1. Future Trunks appeared in one of those Broly movies, which is the closest we got to having him fight Broly in his respective timeline.

    I appreciate having Future Trunks as #1 on your list because he’s my favorite DBZ character.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Future Trunks had a “main character” role during the Trunks Saga but don’t get me wrong because I still think expanding Trunks’ spotlight in the DBZ series has the potential to work.

        On another note, they expanded his spotlight in the DBZ series with that Fighting game, Shin Budokai: Another Road.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I can imagine a hypothetical movie titled as something along the lines of “Dragon Ball Z: Future Broly The Legendary Future Super Saiyan” having Future Trunks fight Broly in his respective timeline.


    1. Lol nah drop the future part. Like they could just call it the path of trunks or something. But imagine that fight. Or what if broly bumped his head like Goku and was good imagine that team up


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