The Rise of Ryback

This Monday night on raw we were treated to a very rare and heartfelt promo from Ryback. However this promo wasn’t the normal scowling, seething, heavy breathing minimal worded promo we are accustomed to getting from the monster. No, this promo was a brief and in depth look into his journey into becoming the man he is today. The promo also managed to subliminally address CM Punk who recently made a plethora of negative remarks regarding the big guy.

Cm Punk recently took aim at Ryback suggesting that he uses steroids, is an unsafe worker, and he intentionally injured Punk. He also stated how he mentioned all of these things to Vince when he was asked to work with Ryback for a second program. I find this was in very poor taste on Punk’s part. To make these accusations against someone without any viable proof or cause is just flat out mean. If you line up the time Ryback’s push was hindered with the time punk says he told Vince you can see that punk was in part, if not fully, responsible for the halt of Ryback’s push. Ryback however has managed to take the higher road by simply stating that he takes the negativity that negative people throw at him and turn it into positivity. This statement is as true as true can be as it seems this is the start of something big for the big guy.

the amount of promo time and those type vignettes that featured in the promo are usually reserved for top guys. They took this combination and used to firmly establish that this feud was not another patriot reboot. They understand that they could only do the “American patriot vs. evil foreigner” but so many times before the fans would begin to lose interest. With that being said, they have managed to make this rivalry not about patriotism but about ruthless aggression. They have added an extra layer on the mold of Ryback by giving fans a reason to cheer for him besides the fact that he’s a good guy. With this new addition upon his character the fans will feel more inclined to cheer for Ryback because they actually feel for him. The fans will want to see him win, they will want to see the man who has busted his ass to get to where he is in his career trample the Russian bully, a feat that has yet to be accomplished. however when it does the reaction will be enormous.

One of the high points of this year in WWE is the build for Rusev, however that’s another story for another day. one thing to mention from this amazing build is that the WWE have managed to make a launching bad within rising star Rusev. You see by booking Rusev the way that they have, whoever beats him will become an instant mega baby-face while allowing Rusev to be pushed into bigger storylines. Now I mentioned this because I believe Ryback will be the one to step o that pad. I believe that Ryback will be the guy to beat Rusev and assure his spot alongside Reigns, Ziggler, and Ambrose as the new guard of the WWE.

All in all the promo from last nights raw was one of the stepping-stones thrown in the right direction for Ryback. Months from now I believe we will be looking back at this promo and comparing it cm punks pipe bomb promo, different in structure but similar in result. The pipe bomb promo launched cm punk into his permanent spot alongside Cena where as this promo will launch Ryback into his biggest push yet. Strap in folks as we are witnessing the rise of Ryback.


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