Among The Cattle: Predicting who will die in season 5 of The Walking Dead

This past sunday we all tuned in to the long awaited return of “The Walking Dead”. The season 5 premiere was action filled and seemed to deliver in a major way in terms of both story telling and action. As action packed as the episode was though i couldn’t help but notice that as the group left the ruble that was once Terminus, it looked…Crowded. Yes that’s the perfect word, it looked crowded. Maybe its because the group has been separated for so long or that they haven’t all been together since the prison but thats how it felt. however this is not a bad thing as this almost ensures a high body count for this season. With the creators of this show being known not to just kill off a characters for the sake of it, lets take a look at 5 characters who may not make it too the season 6 premiere.

1. Bob

Bob is one character that you just can’t help but wonder when he’s gonna become a walker chew toy. Since his introduction in season 4, he hasn’t really been a character you can be invested in. Often times he has been more of a liability than an asset to the group, Becoming someone who needs to be taken care of rather than someone who can take care of something. For example, His character was revealed to have had an alcohol problem. This came in to play twice in the fourth season with the first during the run for supplies in the season four opener and the second during the mission to get vaccines for the flu. Both times his problem put the group in serious danger, the first actually taking the life of Beth’s boyfriend. Long story short Bob is just not cut from the same survivalist cloth as the rest. Expect him to catch the inevitable walker chomp fairly soon.

2. Rosita

Rosita is probably one of the resons some guys watch this show. In a time where there is just no real need to be sexy, she is. Compared to an aging Carol and a constantly dingy looking Maggie, Rosita exudes sex appeal. This is why i believe she will be one of the ones to be taken out before we conclude this season. While she has displayed her bad-assery (the wolverine like walker kill was beyond awesome) she is just to good looking to last. The other reason she may not continue fighting the good fight is that she’s Abraham’s girlfriend. That may not seem major but on a show like this you just don’t get to be happy. Expect her death to give Abraham that heartbreaking push to abandon the mission to Washington and grow closer to the other members of the group.

3. Sasha

This is a tough one, mainly because I have sort have grown to like Sasha. Her head strong “take no shit from anyone” attitude was a welcome alternative to Maggie’s “at the end of the rainbow” outlook on things. She is a realist and focuses on surviving while accepting that things are just simply the way they are. Sadly this is one reason why she is among the cattle this season. The same attitude that makes us love her so much is her downfall. Not because she is this way but because we already have this in Carol. Yes, Sasha will not make it because she is exactly like Carol. Where Carol was extremely blunt with Lizzie and Mika, Sasha was the same with Maggie. We can’t have two brutally blunt people in the group right? The other reason she in among the cattle (that term is growing on me) is the same reason Rosita won’t make it, You just don’t get to be happy on this show. Her brother Tyreese is somewhat of a softie. He refrains from killing, Tries to handle things peacefully, and is extremely passive aggressive. Simply put he needs something to wake him up to the reality that is “The Walking Dead”. Sadly Sasha will have to be his alarm clock.

4. Eugene

Am I the only one who laughed when he was running alongside the group through the Terminus war zone? Did anyone else become amused and slightly disgusted by the way he cowardly ran from that walker? No? Thats what i thought. Eugene’s reasons for being among the cattle (yep i’m officially in using that phrase) are those that apply to Rosita. He does not fit in with the show. Whenever he speaks its awkward, he comes off as some nerd who believes his own hype. How anyone in the group believe’s that he isn’t just some guy who has spent way to many hours behind the computer screen in his mom’s basement is beyond me. One thing that i will admit is that he is smart, displayed when he timed the arrival of Glenn and friends on the train tracks. The other reason is Abraham, who is dead-set on getting him to Washington. As long as Eugene is alive Abraham will not deter from his mission. In order for Abraham to realize the mission is futile and focus on surviving with the group Eugene must become walker food. I fully predict Eugene will be ,as he would say, compromised before the end of the season.

5. Glenn Rhee

I did not want to write this. I don’t want this to be true. When my girlfriend first got me hooked on “The Walking Dead” Glenn was one of the first characters I actually liked. Originally the comic relief in what was a very dark and bland first season, Glenn managed to add the extra thing it needed to work. Glenn would often utter a funny one liner that no other character would laugh at or simply be the butt of one of their jokes. Anyone remember the look of sheer  of joy and excitement when Glenn drove up to the campsite in that Camero and the look of utter defeat as they stripped it for parts? it was almost kid-like. Somewhere during the second and third season this changed after falling in love with Maggie and a brutal encounter with The Governor. He became more focused. More intent on protecting the woman he loved. He was more driven to be recognized as a leader alongside Rick and Darryl. Glenn grew up and developed from lovable goofball into a tough as nails husband and leader. Glenn spent the second half of season 4 trying to reconnect with his wife. The lovers tale showed that they would go through hell and high waters to be together. Fans rejoiced as they were finally reconnected towards the end of last season. Sadly this lovers tale that we all adore is the main reason Glenn will die this season. Glenn and Maggie are happy as long as they are together no matter what happens. This just simply can not be due to what i have reiterated throughout this article, nobody gets to be happy in “The Walking Dead”. Glenn having Maggie gives him hope, purpose, and the will to live. Maggie having Glenn provides the same. So why does Glenn have to be the one to die? because Glenn is the breaking point for Maggie. She watched her father get slaughtered and has no idea where her sister is, all that matters is Glenn. His death ends her fairy tale and pushes her to the edge where we have only seen Rick himself go. As heartbreaking it is to admit, Our beloved Glenn is among the cattle this season.


2 thoughts on “Among The Cattle: Predicting who will die in season 5 of The Walking Dead

  1. i think carrole simply bc she is most loved and the most loved ppl usually die it creates good tlk


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