5 Reasons WWE 2k15 May Be The Best Wrestling Game Of All Time

1. The Roster

The roster for WWE 2k15 is shaping up to be quote possibly the best roster of all time. With the exception of everyone’s favorite broski Zack Ryder being noticeably absent, the roster for this game is the most up to date it has ever been. 2k has offered an interesting take on the roster for their first actual WWE video game release. where THQ chose to focus on the past and usually have a plethora of legends filling out the roster 2k seems to have found an equal balance of past present and future having not only have they included just about everyone from the main roster but they have included the NXT roster. if you are not familiar with what is becoming WWE’s most enjoyable hour of television than i suggest you purchase the WWE network (for only 9.99 might i add) and bear witness to what is literally the future of WWE. so not only will you be able to control the poster boy that is John Cena, the legendary savior of WCW Sting, but you’ll be able to take to the skies with the NXT champion Adrien Neville. the people of 2k sports have managed to do what THQ couldn’t, give us a roster complete with the superstars we see on WWE television every week, the megastars of our parents childhood, and the stars that our kids will be cheering on one day.

2. The Soundtrack

say what you will about WWE MegaStar john Cena but some things are just undeniable about him. one of those things happens to be his relationship with the music industry and his love for it. it was often displayed early into his rise to the top of WWE when he would lyrically berate his opponent during his entrance. well it seems that 2k has taken notice of this and allowed john Cena to curate the soundtrack for 2k15. the soundtrack for 2k games have become somewhat of a staple, something that fans of the developers have grown to enjoy and eagerly anticipate. the soundtrack for 2k15 has a very diverse mix of rock, rap, pop and country songs. among the artist are wiz khalifa, B.O.B, and most notably 2 tracks featuring john cena himself. the list also features Florida Georgia Line and Flo Rida, two acts who have appeared quite a few times onWWE television. this comes as a breath of fresh air for fans of the WWE games franchise as the constant theme of having WWE only tunes in the games have grown stale and irritable. the constant repeat of superstars music can sometimes cause you to hit the mute button during the menu and skip entrances all together simply because you have heard a wrestlers them simply way to much. 2k gets major brownie points for this.

3. The Graphics

oh sweet game gods, how about those graphics? while not much has been seen fromWWE2k15 aside from the gameplay trailer, the scrips and scrapes that we have seen have been simply mouth-watering. 2k has given the WWE video game franchise a much-needed face lift. the models of some of the top names are astonishingly comparable to what you see on WWE television. the gameplay trailer that was released showed exactly why 2k was the right company to pick up the franchise. the games have been plagued by the graphics for years and this became very adamant once the trailer became available online. the model for HHH (featured above) is just one example of how 2k has taken WWE games to the next level. he looks exactly like the COO. he doesn’t look similar, he doesn’t favor him, he looks exactly like HHH. the models of Randy Orton and John Cena follow suit. they capture every detail of the real life counter part and give us an eery video game counterpart. this is all due to 2k sports facial scanning. technology used to capture the facial recognitions of the WWE superstars. we have a sweet tooth and 2k is giving us the eye candy.

4. My Career

For years fans of the WWE video games have clamored for an actual season mode. one where we could actually take our star through the trenches of WWE and clash with the stars that we adore so much. while THQ attempted to shut us up with the universe mode feature it doesn’t quite fit the bill. universe is to broad, cut scenes are far and few, and often times seems broken. well it seems as if 2k sports have heard our ample cries and they are attempting to give us exactly what we want in the for of the MyCareer mode. fans of 2k’s NBA series may be familiar with this mode for those who aren’t basically you take your created star through his career from his drafting all the way to his hall of fame all the while taking every single step in between. Well now 2k has brought this to our eager hands. We will take our very own hand crafted created superstar from the 7 ringed dungeon of the performance center to the proving grounds of NXT. from there we will eventually be granted a debut on the main roster, which is where we will be tasked with crafting a hall of fame worthy career. We will take our superstar through every milestone imaginable such as the money in the bank, the royal rumble, and eventually WrestlMania. Another major factor in this mode is that its ever going. you will compete for as long as you want until you eventually decide to retire or ,if you qualify, be inducted into the hall of fame. combine that with the fact that instead of forcing you to win or lose matches to progress the story, the mode will actually build around you, your wins/losses, and your choices. you hear that 2k? that is the sound of us crying with joy.

5. The Effort

this right here is the best reason why WWE 2k15 is going to be the best wrestling game since “WWE: Here Comes The Pain”. 2k are among an elite group of developers that fans can depend on simply because of the effort that they put into the games they release. go back and look at the gameplay trailer and you will see its the little touches that they put in that make the game look so realistic. Bray Wyatt is flanked by the Wyatt’s on either side of the ring as his rocking chair sites on the entrance ramp, John Cena crawls to pin Brock Lesnar after delivering the attitude adjustment, HHH face displays visible focus and an icy glare as enters the arena. these small things are things that THQ failed us at for far too many years but this is where 2k has come in and delivered. you will not see bray Wyatt alone in the ring without his followers at ringside, his chair doest just disappear after his entrance, and HHH just doesn’t enter with just a blank stare on his face. these are things that 2k has noticed and decided not to ignore. they have put in actual effort with this game, something that it seems obvious THQ did not. everything from the roster selection, to the soundtrack, the attention to detail proves that 2k sports takes these games seriously and have put actual effort into what could become the major yearly release it should be. hey 2k take a bow, you deserve it.


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